Queen of the Mountain Bootleggers


Maggie Bailey, RIP.

[Via Lew Rockwell.]

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  1. hah. That’s a great story.

    Begs the question – Who will replace these people as they die off?

  2. What an inspiration. Maggie is gone, but let us pray that jury nullification lives on.

  3. Quaint, old Appalachian pot growers?

  4. Jesse,
    Thank you. You remind me of exactly what I love about this country, and that it has not yet parished from the earth. Most hopeful thing I’ve read in a long time (about her life that is, not her death).

  5. Many years ago, I got to go for a spin in a true “Thunder Road” souped up and modified (with tanks and fortified suspension) car. A Chevvy, I think. The driver wasn’t Robert Mitchum, but it was an experience to remember for me nonetheless. Happened near Elkin, NC.

  6. A sad day for Harlan’s youth. My friends and I were always at Mag’s place to kick off the weekend. I was shocked to run across the article, as it has been over 15 years since I left Harlan. Mag was a saint.

  7. Thanks for this item, Jesse. She sounds like a perfect subject for a bluegrass tune. I’ve already written one about the mildly famous West Virginia tough guy “Devil” John Wright, a song about this woman would be a nice bookend to that, if I can figure something out.

    Self-promotion alert BTW you can hear that devil john tune at http://music.download.com/roomtomove. Thank you so much if you like the tune, otherwise, I’ll live to fight another day, I guess…

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