A Mass Grave in Lebanon


More than two-dozen bodies have been found in a mass grave in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, in the town of Anjar that used to serve as headquarters of Syrian military intelligence. This comes not long after another mass grave was discovered near Lebanon's Ministry of Defense complex, holding soldiers apparently killed on Oct. 13, 1990, when Syrian troops moved into the eastern suburbs of Beirut, to overthrow Gen. Michel Aoun.

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  1. We were invited in by our Lebanese brothers to bring peace to their troubled country.

  2. Drop dead, B. Assad.

    I was trying to think of an appropriate thing to say.

    “Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” or in this instance, monsters.

    Better yet, to the people of Lebanon, “What hurts you, it hurts me too.”

    Oh yeah, drop dead, B. Assad, if I didn’t make that clear in the first iteration.

  3. Keep up the good work, Mr. Young.

  4. Those bodies were put there by the monster Reagan before he ran out of there with his tail between his legs.

  5. You don’t say, DUer. Please say more.

  6. As in, DUer and B. Assad, you’re full of it. Bull Shit, this is.

  7. Are you two guys pro-Syrian monsters? Is that what your posts are about?

  8. Alright, that’s it: Irony truly is dead. Or at least taking a government-funded siesta.

  9. Get out of my way, Eric II.

    These Ba’Athist bastards need a SMACK DOWN.

    I’m an old man, but … ah heck. Let ’em come after me.

  10. Mr. saw-whet, are you free at this moment? We have some WMD claims that need inspecting.

  11. Porter Goss – I am an American fighting man, willing to give his life for his country.

  12. You may be a fighting man, but are you willing to give a “smack-down”?

    The willingness to die for your country and the need to die for your country are two different things.

    I’m not saying that this isn’t an awful thing that happened, or that something shouldn’t be done about it (something should be done) but it was probably tough-guy saber rattling that got these people killed and buried to begin with.

  13. I am not your old man. I am an old man. We have to get it together. Is that posible?

  14. Have our expectations fallen so low as a mere dozen or so people qualify as a “mass grave”?

    Next you’ll tell me that Saddam had a lot of WP rounds and that justifies the invasion because, hey, “We found WMDs!”

  15. Have our expectations fallen so low as a mere dozen or so people qualify as a “mass grave”?

    A mass grave is used when killing people so fast you don’t have time to dig individual holes. This seems to qualify.

  16. A dozen or so dead people under a house anywhere in America would qualify as a mass grave and the person who killed them would be a mass murderer. Just ask John Wayne Gacy.

  17. Hmmm…didn’t that second massacre occur about the same time that King George I was doing everything possible to ensure the participation of the fearsome Syrian army (that was hard to write and keep a straight face) in Gulf War pt. 1? Maybe that’s one reason we lack credibility in the region. Of course most of those massacred in 1990 were Christians, so intervening on their behalf would have been seen as some Zionist plot by the lower-order primate Islamists at any rate.

  18. Omar – Thank you for pointing out the irony of my bellicose words. You are a gentleman, sir. I wish to appologize to anyone I may have offended with my remarks.

  19. Talk about a surreal comment thread. I’d venture to say that you all were drunk/doped-up, but who knows. Nothin’s better than some drunk, worked-up old man threatening to “smack down” some anonymous commenter—even better when he gets all “I’m-a willin to die for my country!” Now that’s entertainment…

  20. Drunk? Doped up? I could only be so lucky. Try “stuck in France on business over the weekend with a bad cold.” I couldn’t even go drink bottles wine or take a day trip to the holy city of Amsterdam!

    Sickness weilds a savage sense of irony. Still, better to have a cold than to be discovered 6 feet under with a dosen of my best friends.

  21. Saw-whet, I appreciate the kind words.

  22. mass murderers are bad…

  23. Those damn Israelis are planting corpses during the night to make Syria look bad.

  24. Omar,
    Are you going to burn any cars while in France? That seems to be popular with people with names like yours these days.

    Doing my best to contribute to the drunk/doped up thread.

  25. Sorry, folks, I was just being a troll.

    I was drunk too!

  26. This is perhaps the dumbest batch of comments I’ve ever read on this site.

  27. I haven’t burned any cars yet. I just want to go back to Georgia, the devil that I am.

    Besides, all that happened in the suburbs. I’m holed up on St. Germain where they put all of the tourists and business folks. They don’t have poor people there.

    Off subject, the french 35 hour work week seems to be a myth. I’m putting in a good 55 hours, and my french counterparts are doing their best to keep up. Maybe that’s because I’m in IT.

  28. This is an interesting one. Quite different from others.

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