We'd Rather Be Right Than Relevant…


Or so says a fan (critic?). From a recent "Tour of My Blogroll" by Stephen Swanton, aka South Park Pundit:

Reason's Hit & Run This is in the occasional rotation. Fairly irreverent, always libertarian. Sometimes I think they care more about being right than being relevant. In fairness, I am sometimes neither.

Whole list here.

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  1. I find all H&R posts relevant, as well as all comments related thereto.

    Everyone download that Halo Benders song I referenced in the motorcycle thread.

  2. What does 'relevant' mean in the context of a blog? Libertarians often get accused, by me even, of choosing to be irrelevant, but when I say that, I mean politically irrelevant. How can arguing libertarian ideas online be any more or less relevant than arguing conservative or liberal ones?

  3. Wrong relevance is something to boast about?

  4. Zach -- Calvin Johnson's voice is tolerable for about one song. (and I already have that Halo Benders offering)

  5. And speaking of relevant, somebody needs to do a review of the Dynamic Cities Conference in LV. Let these relevant libertarians know what relevance they missed. 🙂

  6. Yeah, that cd didn't even make it up to Canada with me. Needed the shelf space for Jamboree.

  7. Wrong relevance is something to boast about?

    Well, if you spend too many posts and articles shooting fish in barrels, then you will always be right, but frequently irrelevant. Maybe thats what dudeski has in mind.

  8. What's with calling Andrew Sullivan a whiny bitch? All this time I thought not sucking the President's balls like the rest of conservative bloggers do and having the moral backbone to oppose the administration's torture policy as the cretinous national black eye that it is makes you principled. But I guess I was wrong. Apparently being opposed to debt-financed Keynesianism, supporting freedom, and calling for the government to respect international standards of POW treatment makes you a whiny bitch, not one of the few true conservatives on the Internet.

  9. If you aren't irreverent, you're probably not much of a libertarian. ...and Hit & Run has always seemed relevant to me.

    ...quite often, though, it's relevant before everyone else realizes it.

  10. Well, apparently we are boht irreverant and irrelevant. 🙂

  11. I've never agreed with the anti-Libertarian "irrelevant" dig. Pull the lever for (D) or (R) just to avoid "throwing my vote away" when there is almost surely zero chance that my vote will influence the outcome of an election? Sorry, guys - my soul commands a higher price than that.

  12. Hear, hear, anon!

  13. Well anon, if you were a true, principled, and rational libertarian like myself you wouldn't vote in the first place..... 🙂

  14. "We'd Rather Be Right Than Relevant"...isn't that the new Republican Party 2006 campaign motto?...

  15. Irreverence is irrerevant!

  16. Calvin Johnson's voice is tolerable for about one song. (and I already have that Halo Benders offering)

    Well that's, like, your opinion, man.

  17. Is this the South Park Conservative guy?

    This guy is a douche.

    Hey dude.

    Matt and Trey think you lick pig balls.

    Find a new shtick catfucker.

  18. hey ralphus,

    how's the anger management correspondence course going?

  19. Anger management? Fucking great. I've never been so fucking at peace in my entire fucking life. I'm so fucking calm and mellow that I wan to play tetherball with a fucking puppy. I've learned to let some fucking shit fucking slide. Like bullshit, wannabe social commentator fucks. I don't let them fucking piss me the fuck off any more. Fucking fuckwad, fuckface. fuckstick, fucks.

    Why do you ask?

  20. Patient Log, 11.8: The anger management medication is doing wonders, but the tourettes was an unexpected side effect. Reminder to send a note to the boys in the lab.

  21. Oh, wow. South Park Pundit "even spent a year working at Burger King in high school." (italics mine) What a working class hero.

    What a turd.

    His taste in music is pooh gas, too. Blink 182? Is this a 15-year-old girl masquerading as a political pundit?

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