Chicken Little's Snuff Film


I've been wondering for weeks now whether the whole avian flu hysteria thang is just clever marketing by Disney to boost Chicken Little B.O. (If so, it would surely rank as the greatest P.R. coup since Stanley Kubrick killed himself in order to put a few more asses in the seats for his cinematic neutron bomb, Eyes Wide Shut.)

But now I'm left wondering how this latest Chicken Little stunt, which comes to my attention via reader Ari Spanier, fits into the overall marketing plan:

No 'Chicken Little'—Kids see suicide

A Times Square movie theater laid an egg at a showing of "Chicken Little" last night.

Adults and kids expecting to watch Disney's G-rated animated flick at the AMC Empire 25 theater on 42nd St. were instead presented with a foreign film that opened with a young man committing suicide.

Whole story here. The suicide flick, btw, was the Spanish drama Andrea.

I'm left wondering what sort of "pickles and beaver roll" Sony is going to have to substitute for Zathura when that flick finally opens.