Powder Blue Persuasion


Over at Ragged Thots, Robert A. George listened unto Dubya's speech the other day and is left wonderin':

Is Congress willing to accept the implications of the paradigm shift George W. Bush is putting on the table?

In addition to "War on Terror I", will George W. Bush want to be responsible for Reconstruction II and War on Poverty II?

Sequels don't often turn out so well.

Whole thing here.

Well, there's always The Godfather Part 2. But yeah.

George also observes:

Appearing in a casual-looking powder-blue (or blue-appearing) shirt—has a president ever given a prime-time speech to the nation in something other than a normal business suit?—with New Orleans' Jackson Square emitting a blue-ish hue caused Bush's head to appear disconnected from the sea of blue in the screen.

While it wasn't worn for a prime-time talk per se, Ronnie Reagan (pronounced RAY-gun) once donned an infamous glen plaid suit for a trip to Europe that sets tongues a-wagging. Personally, I think it delivered the message that here was a man who didn't give a shit what Europe thought about anything. Hence, his super-loud suit was a more powerful bargaining tool then publicly musing over the winnability of a limited nuclear war over there. And his penchant for calling his wife "Mommie Poo Pants" continues to make historians' brains hang upside down, discombobulate would-be biographers, and drive home the point here was a guy who meant business.