Stars and Stripes Forever


The military newspaper aimed at soldiers abroad will begin a weekly newspaper supplement on U.S. soil beginning Oct. 5, reports Editor & Publisher:

Think of it as the military version of Parade magazine.

"With the transition of U.S. military going on missions and training, we felt it was important to get our information stateside," said Dan Krause, international advertising director of Stars and Stripes. […]

"We're excited," he says, "This is the first time we've been in the U.S since the Civil War."

The paper is owned by the Department of Defense. (Link via Romenesko.)

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  1. Krause emphasized that it’s not the house organ of the DOD; rather, the paper is editorially independent and can call on Congress should there be any interference.

    I’m not sure at what I should be outraged. Please advise.

  2. Will it have it’s own military version of Marilyn Vos Savant pulling strategic answers out of her ass?

  3. I’ll only read it if they run Howard Huge. Love the Howard Huge.

  4. Off topic, has anyone seen kwais lately?

  5. Ken, Bubba, Special K! – No, haven’t seen KWAIS, but I WAS looking for you!! Good to see you. Why don’t you drop me a line? BTW – I found your circus show article. A crack up. I remember the first time you told me that story. I think I laughed so hard I cried. Missed “seeing” you here and knowing you were kicking!

  6. JF,

    There’s not much to outraged about (except maybe that we’ve got an “official” newspaper in the first place), S&S really isn’t a propaganda paper at all.

    I mean, obviously, there’s a pro-military/US bias but the overseas version covers stuff of general interest to military.

    Though it is a bit of a duplication of effort as there are already service specific, PRIVATE papers that do much the same thing.

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