Another Video Game Casualty


While you're worrying about video-game-related murders, don't forget about the risk of a fatal overdose. How many deaths will it take before defenders of this dangerous habit stop encouraging neophytes to believe they can play games safely and responsibly?

[Thanks to Jeff Schaler for the tip.]

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  1. That’s because Korean gamers are insane.

    If you’ve played an online game against a group of Koreans you know what I mean…

  2. He lost his job, he was probably trying to ‘train up’ to join the ranks of South KCQorea’s professional Starcraft players.

  3. It’s not the first game to be blamed for a death, won’t be the last.

    Perhaps we need a new game called DarwinCrack where the goal is to add a bit of chlorine to the gene pool.

  4. Yeah, this always happens in Korea. They are insane. If I recall, the last Korean to die from an overdose only lasted a little over 24 hours straight. 49 hours? That’s pretty impressive. Hopefully he’s already bred with a strong woman. Hey, when warfare is conducted by remote controlled robots and drones, the Koreans are going to kick our ass.

  5. the Koreans are going to kick our ass

    Ender Lee? 🙂

  6. Hehe. Exactly, Rhywun.

  7. Hanny-boy was batshit. So what?

  8. I’m just concerned that this sort of phenomenon could happen to chronic H&R readers and posters. Lack of proper nutrition, dehydration, wild bloodshot eyes, uncontrollable rocking motions, drooling, mumbling, ranting, gripping computer mouse with unneccessary force, stiff fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome. Friends, please beware these sypmtoms in order to prevent another tragedy like this.

  9. Forcing yourself to stay awake for two straight days is not a good idea regardless of what you are doing. So who to blame for this man’s death other than his own stupidity? The gaming industry? The cafe he died in, which I assume is a 24 hour joint? Computer manufacturers? Internet service providers? All of these parties?

    I’m waiting for the day to hear about somebody dying after slot machine gambling for two straight days. I wouldn’t be surprised if that hasn’t happened already. Such a death would spawn a lawsuit or two, no doubt.

  10. Well somebody has to say it:

    “Oh why won’t anybody think off the children??!!”

  11. Yeah pro-players in the far East do rather well. There are several Americans who have gone there to play pro for while. Quite why the Koreans are so nuts about Starcraft is rather beyond me. I have always thought it to be the weakest of Blizzard’s excellent output.

  12. 1. Koreans have been between the Japanese and Chinese for thousands of years, with both sides routinely holding contests to see how many Koreans they could annihilate. Both they’re still there! My tour in Korea convinced me they’re the toughest folks anywhere. And I agree they’re all nuts, too. I’m glad the South Koreans are on our side!

    2. I know a guy who has ruined his life playing video games. But as a libertarian, I hasten to point out he’s only harming himself, and hell, he’s happy, when he’s not too hungry. So let’s just ignore the nanny-do-gooders.

  13. I just thought of something… the children!

    Video game abuse is a real phenomena that responsible game developers and internet cafe owners take seriously. Parents, particularly those who can’t closely monitor their children, should take it seriously.

    As for government regulation, well, i’d like to see them tackle the power addiction problem first.

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