Senate Judiciary Committee Bleg


This has already made the rounds, but in case you want to add to the seven questions Matt Welch had for the new Supreme Court nominee, Senate Democrats are taking suggestions.

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  1. Only women senators care what I think?


  2. anon,
    Yeah that is weird.

    Julian, I think your seven questions are great. I’m going to cut and paste each of them into that site.

  3. jesus christ. they’re taking requests from the crowd? play freebird!

  4. Allow me to be the first:

    “John Roberts, why do you hate America?”

  5. I like this one: “5) You’re on a lifeboat, but it can only hold 8 of the original 10 amendments without sinking, killing your whole family. Which ones go?”

    I’d go with the 3rd, since it’s basically irrelevant today, and the …. 8th I guess, since two of the three clauses are meaningless.


  6. I think Matt’s question #4 is where Robert’s scares me the most. Although I am not expert, I believe his record is one of supporting the expanding powers of the Executive and limiting the ability of the Judiciary to review some of these expanded powers.

    Arthur Silber had a pretty good couple of posts about this here and here

  7. Judge Roberts, what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  8. Judge Roberts, you do realize that the appearance of this committee on Saturday Night Live during the Thomas confirmation was not news footage, but a satire? With that understanding in place, what is your favorite porn scene: straight, lesbian, 2 guys and a girl, or two girls and a guy?

  9. “Judge Roberts, if Senator Voinovich announced that he would cry if you tried to reverse Roe v. Wade, would that affect your judgment on the case?”

  10. Judge Roberts, the question is very simple: Where is the beef?

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