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The kids are OK, Reuters reports:

The adolescent birth rate has reached another record low, the death rate for children between ages 1 and 4 is the lowest ever and young children are more likely than ever to get their recommended immunizations, the annual U.S. government report on children finds.

Full report here.

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  1. So is it ok to take the children off the endangered species list and allow more freedoms for adults?

    But white children are healthier than black or Hispanic children and black children are much more likely to die violently, be assaulted or suffer some other violent crime.

    Oh, I guess not. Well, if we can restrict more freedoms, maybe, just maybe, this trend will reverse.

  2. You report this like it's a good thing...

  3. So can we stop doing things "for the children"?

  4. The condition of children is secondary. What matters most is how they'll vote on abortion when they grow up.

  5. So can we stop doing things "for the children"?

    Never! This is proof positive that all that stuff is working!!!


  6. Damn kids!

    ...My friend had one. He brought it home from the hospital, and--no he didn't expect it to pitch in right away, but, for Pete's sake, you'd think it'd at least clean up after itself! Instead, it just kinda sat there, and when it wasn't sleepin', it just cried and complained about what it wanted. ...and I don't even want to talk about it's idea of personal hygiene--Sheesh!

    Anyway, the thing's like three years old now, and although I heard some of that stuff has gotten better, it still hasn't done a lick of work.

  7. Tom,

    I hear those things are an investment in your future. It goes something like you take care of it now, nuture it, feed it, keep it clean and healthy and it will grow up to one day pay for your retirement home and send you fruit cake and pictures during the holidays. If you are lucky, they can't afford the retirement home so are forced to take you and change your diapers when you get to that point! That just what I heard.

  8. Good thing it's gone down, too. Because once the morning after pill becomes readily available, we all know that those rates are going to just shoot back up.

  9. "the death rate for children between ages 1 and 4 is the lowest ever"

    What about the death rate of children aged about -1/2?

  10. The adolescent birth rate has reached another record low

    I thought it was already pretty much zero...

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