Felonious Cat


Slate reports:

A Virginia judge declared on Monday that 82-year-old Ruth Knueven is unfit to own pets, after animal-control officers seized her 488 cats. Local law enforcement and animal-control officials say they found 120 cats in her house in 2001 and that they've discovered several other cat hoarders in the area over the past year.

Not, perhaps, as worrisome as the Kelo verdict, but in cases where no animals are harmed, I wonder, what is the libertarian response to the government prohibiting even unsanitary, claustrophobic private cat-keeping?

Perhaps, insofar as "animal hoarding has also been viewed as an addiction, like compulsive gambling or alcoholism, or as a form of dementia," it should be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Post article here. And did you know there was a Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium?