The Answer Is Yes


The question?

"Does the world really need another libertarian blog?"

Maybe not. But I expect you'll find this one to be a bit different. Our goal is to knock down the normal level of discourse found at most libertarian blogs by at least a few notches. Lowbrow, if you will. Yes, you'll find an intellectual argument made here from time to time. (Bone to the nerds: as I type this, one of our writers is working on a sexy gold-standard piece.) But we hope that's not all you look for here, lest you find crushing disappointment. Sure, I'm very happy to share important ideological and philosophical beliefs with many really brilliant people doing wonderful things. But that's not me; that's not To the People. While I like libertarianism because it's the only path to a society of meaningful freedoms, I like it even more because it defends my right to drink a lot of booze, smoke some weed, eat still-living animals, kill myself, prolong my life indefinitely, masturbate in the HOV lane, etc. etc.

To The People is a lively, funny, at-times-groan-inducing, potpurri. Well worth checking out.