Come On, Generals, Let's Move Fast


The Libertarian Party has announced an exit plan for U.S. military in Iraq. The conclusion:

Our troops have completed their missions: the liberation of Iraq, the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the provision of security for the January 30, 2005, elections. American military personnel should be commended for accomplishing these difficult tasks and performing them in a courageous and selfless manner. We cannot continue to keep our servicemen and women committed to an open-ended, violent conflict in Iraq. By removing our troops in an orderly and systematic fashion over the course of one year, we will withdraw our troops on our terms while retaining the honor and respect that they deserve. By creating a direct aid program for Iraq, we give them the necessary funds to become an advanced, industrialized, democratic nation. By giving the Iraqi government full control over the disbursement of aid funds, we respect the wishes of the Iraqi people and foster the development of good diplomatic relations. Our exit strategy will help to end the senseless loss of American and Iraqi lives. It will ensure that Iraq is rebuilt in an efficient and expedient manner, at the lowest possible cost to the American taxpayers.

Whole thing, which echoes U.S. disengagement in Vietnam and is well worth reading despite your view on the invasion and occupation, here.

Lyrics to "Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag," from which this post's title is taken, here.

Tip o' hat to many readers who directed me to the LP plan.