You Can Hate America, But It Will Still Make You Fat


As Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) explains, America's obesity epidemic has spread to Southeastern Cuba:

Hunter added a recitation of the daily menu, which on Sunday included Noodles Jefferson and chicken breast in broth.

"The average inmate in Guantanamo has gained five to seven pounds last year…," he said.

As we await the Morgan Spurlock expose, I'm all for engineering a strategy to stop the terrorists by overfeeding them. Hunter has been promoting Gitmo with a weekly roundup of the menu (oven-fried chicken, rice pilaf, fruit and pita bread last week.) If that isn't enough to make you book a ticket through Mexico (assuming the travel ban still applies), talk to this guy:

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R- Ala., expressed impatience at Democrats who called for more legal rights for detainees. He said the newly constructed facility at Guantanamo was on "a beautiful site" and "would make a magnificent resort."

Link via Wonkette.