Dems: Don't Outsource Our Propaganda!


The Voice of America, that purveyor of comatose, sub-Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty programming that costs Americans $160 million a year, has decided to move a whopping 8 of its 1,400 employees to Hong Kong. This has Democrats, including John Kerry, hopping mad:

In a strongly worded letter to VOA Director David Jackson, 14 Democratic senators said the shift would undermine VOA's mandate to "present a balanced and therefore comprehensive projection of significant American thought and institutions." […]

"We find it difficult to believe VOA will be able to satisfy its mission of projecting 'significant American thought' through non-American citizens," the letter said.

The Chicago Tribune article is full of laughs, including the complaint by the American Federation of Government Employees that the outsourcing "is financially motivated." Noooooo!!! (Link via Romenesko.)