Your Charity or Your Business!


Los Angeles, arguably ground zero for anti-Wal-Mart nuttiness, just got a little bit nuttier:

A week before a new Wal-Mart opens in Harbor Gateway, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn on Wednesday urged residents to boycott the store if it doesn't start contributing a lot more money to the local community. […]

"I'm calling on them to give $1 million to the community of Harbor Gateway," she said. "Until they do, I urge people to stay away from the store."

The new Wal-Mart is on the corner of Florence and 190th, 10 miles down the street from the epicenter of the L.A. riots. If you're a glass half-full type, I suppose you could be grateful that the City of Angels has gone in 13 short years from complaining about the shortage of supermarkets to boycotting their arrival. (Link via the Martini Republic.)