The Mussolini of the Movies


Via reader Jim Murphy comes news that Michigan state Sen. Gilda Jacobs is fed up with pre-show ads shown at movie theaters. Reports the Detroit Free Press:

[Jacobs] introduced legislation Tuesday that would require theaters to post two start times: one for the beginning of advertising, previews and public service announcements; and one for the start of the movie.

Jacobs, an avid moviegoer, said her goal is to give people more choice so they arrive at the theater without having to watch what the motion picture industry refers to as "pre-show entertainment."

She singled out ads in particular as a nuisance.

"You basically get infomercials," Jacobs said, citing ads for automobiles, plastic surgeons and jewelers. "It's really increased the time you go in and have to sit through before the actual movie begins."

Ever the thoughtful soul, Jacobs insists "theaters should voluntarily post the actual start time so legislation isn't needed."

Whole account here.

Don't Michigan lawmakers have anything better to do with their time than go to movies and then bitch about it? If not, things must be looking up in Wolverine land.