No Linda Lovelace


The Washingon Post has revealed that "deep throat", Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's source for what would become the Watergate scandal, was the number two man at the FBI, Mark Felt. This confirms what Felt's family told Vanity Fair.

That story undermined Woodward's opportunity to make a splash at Felt's death: "Woodward had prepared for Felt's eventual death by writing a short book about a relationship he describes as intense and sometimes troubling. His longtime publisher, Simon & Schuster, is rushing the volume to press—but the careful unveiling of the information did not proceed as Woodward or The Post had envisioned."

Felt's motivations are a matter of debate, suggesting revenge was at least as important as were morals in determining his behavior: "Wounded that he was passed over for the top job, furious at Nixon's choice of an outsider, Assistant Attorney General L. Patrick Gray III, as acting FBI director, and determined that the White House not be allowed to steer and stall the bureau's Watergate investigation, Mark Felt slipped into the role that would forever alter his life."