Remember Choice This Memorial Day (Unveiled Book and Sub Pitch)


As Memorial Day gets underway, take a moment to remember that Choice: The Best of Reason, our recent collection of greatest hits, is available for a mere $10.47 at Amazon and for only $9.95 at Laissez Faire Books. Choice, sez Court TV's Catherine Crier, "is a must read for all rational thinkers who seek an honest take on the issues of our time."

If you prefer a package deal, you can get Choice for 50 percent off with a new or renewed subscription to Reason, this year's winner of the Western Publications Association "Maggie" Award for best politics and social issues mag. New subscribers should go here; current subscribers should go here.

If you just want a stand-alone sub to Reason–"a brilliant magazine, written and edited by brilliant people" according to Dave Barry–go here for a trad paper sub (just $19.97) and here for a whiz-bang electronic edition (also just $19.97).