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Sen. McCain, What About the Streetlight on Main and Broad?


H&R regular Ari Spanier directs us to future Prez McCain's latest initiative:

Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican, unveiled the much-anticipated proposal for a Clean Sports Act on Tuesday, the culmination of a series of hearings full of discontent with steroid testing in professional sports. The legislation aims to require standardized testing procedures and stiffer punishments for athletes who test positive for banned substances.

Much anticipated? By who, Mrs. McCain? Whole thing here.

I look forward to McCain proposals on the allowable curvature of hockey sticks in the NHL, the length of NBA shorts, and the type of shoelaces in the NFL. Finally, a man who knows what's important and gets things done!

Reading about McCain's and his inability to restrain himself from butting into matters far beneath and/or beyond the scope of his job as a tool of Arizona's special interests (whatever they might be) reminded me of this tale of a very different senator. The following is from a Reason story by Contributing Editor Glenn Garvin (now TV critic at the Miami Herald):

Some years ago, a newspaper sent me to interview S.I. Hayakawa, by then a retired senator from California. Hayakawa was legendarily combative: Asked once during a campaign stop what he thought about a local referendum on legalizing greyhound tracks, he snapped: "I'm running for the U.S. Senate. I don't give a good goddamn about dog racing."

Whole thing here.

Reason profiled McCain here.

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