"A Gentle Ribbing Via Gawker"


That's reader m.oconnor's summation of this headline at Gawker:

Only Libertarian Not Currently Blogging for Reason Magazine Wins Popularity Contest


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  1. I wouldn’t call it a gentle ribbing. They seem to assume John was taking a shot at women. Reading his article, however, I don’t see how you could see it that way. Is it possible they didn’t really read his article?

  2. If anything, it’s anti-male:

    Women seem to shy away from competition, whereas men seem to enjoy it too much.

    They realize, better than men, that in life there’s a lot more at stake than money.

    How is this taking a shot at women? It’s only anti-female by the extreme gender feminist standard: anything that doesn’t paint women in the best possible terms and men in the worst, is anti-woman.

  3. As a woman in a male-dominated highly competitive business, I don’t believe that this was ‘a shot at women’–I think Tierney has identified one reason why my field has fewer women that we would wish for. And the cheap shots hyperlinked in the text to the left (click on the underlines) are absurdly snarky–insulting to both Tierney (who’s a breath of fresh air) and Bill Safire. Clearly the commentator’s reading comprehension skills need work.

  4. I had just been ruminating on what makes my department head act the way he does (alpha, power male) the other day, when I came across Tieney’s article and agreed with it wholeheartedly. The competetive male seems to be the type that gets the most top positions. I’m the total opposite (well, except for the male part). I work hard and I like my job (I’m a programmer at an insurance company) but the rat race does not appeal to me AT ALL. I will very likely be stuck at my current “level” unless I start acting more alpha male. Which kind of pisses me off because I worked damn hard to get the skills I have, and yet they don’t seem to be worth as much as the skill to bark orders and be fake-jovial.

  5. Damn it, I’m supposed to spend 20% of the time in strip clubs?

    Crap, I was in Chicago, on business, drove right past Scores, but nooooo, I had to find a working WiFi port.

    Someone needs to write a freaking manual…

  6. jesus fucking christmas, clearly i meant a gentle ribbing of reason, not john tierney. as in “their blogging is IN-SAYNE!”

    the tierney column was…something. i fell asleep halfway through.

    protip: you guys may be missing the point of gawker.

    on the plus side, it’s a very good thing (for reason) in that
    A) snarky gawker knows what a libertarian is and
    B) snarky gawker relates it instantly to reason.

  7. It’s ok dhex, take a deep breath, eat some chex, and you’ll be alright. 🙂

  8. And, of course, Tierney’s research assistant is a former Reason intern. So our tendrils are everywhere.

  9. Ah, the vast right wing conspiracy! Or is it a left wing conspiracy? Um, what wing are we again?

  10. Top wing.

    That leaves “bottom wing” for the Authoritarians, a label they’re welcome to.

  11. This is just a technical award, since Dave Barry stopped blogging.


  12. Top wing. – Jake

    I prefer dorsal fin. Think what that makes the Authoritarians.


  13. Are comments being deleted? Or did Nick accidentally post a comment under dhex’s moniker? Or who is protip? Huh? Huh?

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