Your Congress on Steroids


Over at Ragged Thots, NY Postman Robert George beholds Congress pumping ire at steroids and turns away like Lou Ferrgino on a bad day:

Want a double-standard? Consider this: DeLay is strongly critical of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for using international law as a guideline in several court cases. Yet, the law House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis says could be introduced as early as next week would conceivably overrule any negotiated labor agreements by an American sports league and their players—in favor of an international standard.

And after going for sports leagues, what's to stop Congress from determining that the "marketplace" is taking "too long" in other industries as well?

Lock up your kids, ladies and gentlemen. This is not a pretty sight. This is your government on steroids.

Whole thing here.

Reason's own Matt Welch has a thing for steroids. Or maybe just jockstraps. Figurative jockstraps.