Subscription Pitch—Unveiled!


Reason magazine is now available in a complete digital version. Subscribers will get an exact, searchable replica of each new issue when it hits the newsstands. Images, page layout, Reason's distinctive-but-not-distracting design, all available for your enjoyment on laptop or PC.

Read the press release here.

Get more details on subscribing to the digital edition here.

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  1. Don’t look directly into it! You’ll be blinded by the emanating light! (cue choruses of angels)

  2. Nice! Now I don’t have to touch the National Review or Mother Jones trying to find Reason on the third tier of the Barnes and Noble mag rack

    I always feel dirty after.

  3. But I can’t take my laptop into the bathroom…

  4. Reason’s distinctive-but-not-distracting design

    That segment that runs in the right margin of the book reviews (in the June issue, it’s Freund on Lebanese music videos) is unreadable. You practically have to make a checklist of what you have and haven’t read.

    The way “Citings” run independently of the material in the corners of their pages is pretty annoying too, though not as bad.

  5. Does distinctive imply distracting?

    Why the compound adjective?

  6. I have to agree with Paid Subscriber here. Reason’s layout is certainly eye-catching, but ultimately it’s a pain when you actually try to read the mag. I really do keep a more intense mental checklist of what I have and haven’t read. It’s sort of weird when the Bagge features seem relaxing because of the return of some sort of layout normalcy.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I find the layout of the mag ultimately a deterrent to buying it every month.

  7. Requires Windows and MS Internet Explorer?

    Let us know when there is a version for Macintosh.

  8. The red-text-on-black page is my favorite.
    The perfect epileptic trigger.

  9. Individual issues for $3.50 – does that include back issues?

  10. Any plans to allow those of us who pay for the print version to access the electronic edition without paying for a separate subscription?

  11. PDF?

    And I’m supposed to put that on my reading device of choice how?


    Would still subscribe if you guys accepted paypal, ’cause that’s just not real money.

    It’s called Mobipocket, guys… Amazon just bought them… and you’d be supporting the free market.

  12. I third the position that the layout of Reason magazine leaves much to be desired. The failure to put captions in proximity to the associated photos is particularly inexcusable. Also, why do articles frequently come with a full-page or even a page-and-a-half photo of some simple image? For example, in the April issue I’d rather have an extra 250+ words on homeschooling than the giant pledge of allegiance photo that leads it off.

  13. While we are on the general topic of complaining about Reason, could you guys spring for some photographs that don’t look like driver’s licenses?

    Really, it’s a serious problem when my housemates make fun of my magazines because of the pictures of the writers in them.

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