Bill O'Reilly and (Now We Can Finally Shut Up About Hanoi Jane Edition)


Here's me and The O'Reilly Factor's eponymous host mixing it up a couple of nights ago over whether Hanoi Jane Fonda gave notes passed to her by American POWs to their North Vietnamese captors:

GILLESPIE: That story has been debunked.

O'REILLY: By whom?

GILLESPIE: By–if you go to The urban…



O'REILLY: Snope? See, look, I'm believing—I'm believing the guys who were there. I'm not going to believe

And here's Bill O making nice last night:

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." Setting the record straight on Jane Fonda. Now, last night I told Nick Gillespie of Reason magazine that I was not willing to give Ms. Fonda a pass on the accusation she turned over notes from American POW's to the North Vietnamese during her trip to Hanoi.

A web site called has investigated and debunked that accusation. They say it's not true.

Well, we decided to research it. We spent the day doing it. And the indication is that Snopes is correct! The story is bogus. So at this point, lacking any definable evidence to the contrary, Jane Fonda did not turn over any POW notes to the Vietnamese.

We're happy to clarify the record. It would be ridiculous not to do so. All right. Way to go,

Both transcripts courtesy of Nexis.

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