Not (Ward) Churchill's Finest Hour


"If he's had the goods to prove himself a Keetoowah Cherokee, he'd be in our files…I don't know what he's thinking."

That's Marilyn Craig, spokeswoman for the Keetoowah Band in Tahlequah, Okla., talking about University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who famously called the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center "little Eichmanns." "He's never been a member of our tribe," Craig told the Washington Times.

In responding to a university committee investigating whether he lied about his heritage on his 1978 application to Colorado, Churchill had claimed membership in the Keetoowah Band. The Keetoowah had given Churchill an honorary "associate membership" in the '90s precisely because he could not prove any Cherokee ancestry, according to a statement from the group's chief.

Ah well, if Churchill does get canned for lying on his application, there's always room for one more B-list celeb at The HuffPost (I suspect Jim Lampley and Churchill would have a good time talking on the lunch line).

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  1. Isn’t he the guy that tried to pass off copies of other people’s paintings as his own?

  2. In one of my past jobs I worked on Native American awareness programs, and always found it amusing how many lily-white honkies bandy about claiming tribal blood. This one lady I met had piercing blue eyes and was more white then June Cleaver, but insisted that she was part Cherokee (that seems to be the most popular tribe).

    “Ward Churchill”. For Christ’s sake.. what is more honky that that moniker?

  3. OK Smart Guy, then what WAS Ward Churchill’s finest hour?

  4. Joe-
    Perhaps the hour when he could first go use the potty All By Himself?

  5. OK Smart Guy, then what WAS Ward Churchill’s finest hour?

    Keetoowah had given Churchill an honorary “associate membership” in the ’90s precisely because he could not prove any Cherokee ancestry…

  6. Isn’t the joke in reference to (Winston) Churchill’s “finest hour”?

  7. I suppose this cuts him out of any share in casino money.

  8. I knew Churchill wasn’t Native American because I gave him my smallpox blanket and nothing happened.

  9. Luke, that just ain’t right.

  10. A million thanks for blowing this thing wide open. I can’t believe that I, along with tens of millions of Americans, spent the last 4 years worshipping this guy and hanging on every last word he said.

  11. it’s sort of like when you’re hanging out with friends and you tell an off-color story, without realizing that there are friends of friends in the room who don’t understand or share your sense of humor.

    mr. churchill never expected to get any attention because he figured his books would sell to the usual folk and his lectures would be attended by the usual folk.

    sometimes friends of friends are less understanding.

  12. C’mon norbizness, he may not have achieved the epoch-defining demigod status of an Andrew Dworkin, but he’s still one of the most significant political factors in America.

  13. Oops. “Andrea” Dworkin.

    She’s another obscure academic that got press way beyond her actual significance.

  14. Significant or not, there’s nothing wrong with calling an idiot an idiot.

  15. No, but it curious to see how up in arms conservatives get about dissident pipsqueaks.

    No one would know who Ward Churchill was if the conservative press didn’t keep dragging him out to play pinata.

  16. Let’s play the analogy game…

    Ward Churchill:Conservatives



  17. SPD,


  18. Isn’t Emmanuel Goldstein, er, I mean Ward Churchill’s two minutes up yet?

    To find a drooling lefty kook, you need to dig up some obscure weirdo on campus.

    To find a drooling righty kook, you only need to go to Congress. They’re writing wonderful laws for us subjects as we speak.

  19. I don’t know about Gannon – he isn’t really presented a spokesman for the conservative side, whereas Churchill is routinely dragged out to show what liberals “really think.”

    I nominate Ann Coulter as the anti-Churchill. The difference being, no major media org in America would book Ward Churchill, while Ann appears on Fox and Good Morning America. Churchill is an obscure professor, while Coulter has had two books on the bestseller list.

  20. Jim Lampley calls a fight pretty well, but he’s not great. He’s no Don Dunphy. Why is he blogging again?

  21. Oh, I dunno, Brian, there are plenty of drooling lefty kooks in Congress also. Sheila Jackson Lee, anyone?

  22. Mr. Nice Guy,

    The Cherokee were an Eastern tribe, consequently many intermixed with European stock. I’m sure there are many white Cherokees, as well as black ones. So it is a good bet to fake it as a Cherokee. On the other hand, it would be harder to fake it as an Apache.

  23. Nice to see Reason finally making a comment about the case.

    Not to beat our own drum too much, but Pirate Ballerina ( ) has been all over the Ward Churchill case since it broke.

  24. joe, I get what you’re saying, but isn’t it just a tad ironic that you’re trying to score a point off the way that they try to score a point off a professor who would be getting zero attention in an ideal world?

  25. Mr Nice Guy,

    Interestingly enough (or not), my kids both inherited my blond hair and their mother’s lovely eyes and delicate, high cheekbones. Unlike mom’s luminous brown eyes, their eyes are an unusually brilliant shade of azure blue. You genetics fans will quickly realize how tough it is for a Brown Eyed Girl to have Blue Eyed Babies.

    The kids also have more Indian genes than Churchill and are directly descended from their maternal great grandmother who was full blooded Cherokee (popular) and left the reservation to marry great grandpa.

    That makes them 1/8 Indian. Enough to get some oil money, gaming revenue, a fast track to tenure at a major university, or something, eh?

  26. WC:

    My ex-wife claimed that she had Cherokee blood.. and her dark features and high cheek bones made it more believable to me.

    I apparently am a descendent of Phillip Sheridan, a drunken Irish Civil War general and subsequent Indian-fighter.

    History has a way of repeating itself 😉

  27. “That makes them 1/8 Indian. Enough to get some oil money…., or something, eh?”

    It actually is. According to the article below, you only need to be 1/64 Cherokee to qualify for tribal membership:

  28. I half-agree with joe. We spend far too much time on the flakes, it seems to me. Certainly, some flakes have pulpits with sufficient bulliness to warrant attention/derision (e.g., Ann Coulter, Michael Moore), but many do not. I only “half” agree with joe, because I think this happens all over the place and is not limited to political views or even to politics. It’s a classic rhetorical trick to set up a straw man and then gnaw on his leg.

    Maybe this sort of thinking is why things seem so unnecessarily polemical these days? If all Republicans are David Duke, all Democrats are Ward Churchill, and all Libertarians are, well, some wacky anarchist, then it’s easy to scoff at their ideas. Of course, none of that is true.

  29. My candidate in the drooling-leftie-kook-athon would be Rep. Jim McDermott. I think of him as an American George Galloway, but without the entrepreneurial drive.

  30. Someone once told me that he was qualified to be on the Choctaw rolls since his grandmother was. This becomes self-limiting since his children obviously would not qualify thru this route regardless of the “purity” of their blood (altho they might qualify as Choctaws or some other tribe thru another relationship).

    I do know that in most tribes affiliation follows the maternal line but I have no other verification of the truth of this guy’s claim. And he was something of a bullshitter.

  31. thoreau, we live in an era in which the Right controls the discourse. Whaddyagonnado?

    RC, “Oh, I dunno, Brian, there are plenty of drooling lefty kooks in Congress also. Sheila Jackson Lee, anyone?” I agree, there certainly is no shortage of Congressional kooks on either side. Though I think it’s worth considering the relative power that each group wields. Tom Delay is House Majority Leader fer Chrissakes. A doctor who refused to say you can’t catch AIDS from sweat is Senate Majority Leader. Sheila Jackson Who?

  32. Look, Churchill deserves plenty of grief for his stupid comments, but if you meet the guy, as I have, it’s obvious he’s got Indian blood.

  33. A lot of Native Americans don’t look “Native American”, especially the farther East you are. The Pequot tribe has a big picture of their members in their museum (there are only 200 or so), and they range from African American to blond, blue eyed Nordic looking folk. But they’re all Native Americans from the same tribe and they all get the benefit of their casino.

  34. SR, dude, thanks for the info, I’m on it. VBG

    Mr. Nice,

    LOL at history repeating itself. That was good.

  35. “Look, Churchill deserves plenty of grief for his stupid comments, but if you meet the guy, as I have, it’s obvious he’s got Indian blood.”

    Well then, I guess that trumps it. Clearly, all the regents at CU need to do is meet Churchill, then, by his physical features, his ethinicity becomes clear. Wow. Apparantly you can judge a book by its cover.

  36. “thoreau, we live in an era in which the Right controls the discourse.”

    mmmm … not really, but I understand why it looks that way to you.

    We live in an era where the Left actually has to *engage in* discourse, instead of just ignoring/excluding the Right. Problem is, y’all got rusty/lazy over the decades …

    So you can actually come up with cogent arguments, or you can keep on blaming FOX, Diebold and the “kooks” in Congress. Up to you.

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