Hager the Horrible


Following yesterday's allegations that a memo by Dr. W. David Hager improperly swayed an FDA decision on emergency contraception, Senator Clinton (D-NY) detaches herself from new best friend Newt for just long enough to call for an investigation.


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  1. Wow. I think some Democratic Underground and Freeper heads exploded at once after reading that Times article on the Odd Couple. Great link. And Hager is a nut.

  2. Newt and Hillary, together at last.

    That is one supersized order of evil if you ask me.

  3. That is one supersized order of evil if you ask me.

    Exactly. What are they collaborating on? Making sure your personal health information is easily available.

    And what was he praising her for? Being strong on defense. Which, in washington-speak, means never voting against any military expenditure, no matter how wasteful or stupid.

    The moral of the story is, when two people like them start cooperating, reach for your privacy and your wallet.

  4. Looks like Hillary’s found a “useful (village) idiot”.

  5. All hail Newtary Clingrinch!

  6. Hey, I’m not a big fan of Hillary either, but at least she’s standing up for our right to not have our medication doled out on the basis of wheter it matches one person’s religious beliefs.

  7. Then again, I went back and read that New York Times article and I thought to myself: “Is this a trap?” Newt and other Republicans have been saying that Hilllary will be difficult for any Republican to beat in 2008, but I just wonder if they are trying to build up her confidence so they can tear her down later.

    Joe Klein wrote this useful article in Time: http://www.time.com/time/columnist/klein/article/0,9565,1059000,00.html. Basically, I find it doubtful that she could win any of the states that Kerry couldn’t, except maybe Iowa and New Mexico. She will still be seen as a polarizing figure, and the only way she could win with a large percentage would be it the GOP made a bonehead choice like Alan Keyes.

  8. Even when I was a Democrat I didn’t like Hillary. Even now that I’m a libertarian I think Bill is awesome.

    God I hope she doesn’t run.

  9. Trust me, that’s nowhere near the most interesting of allegations about Hager:


    “For Davis, the diagnosis spelled relief, and a physician placed her on several medications to attain “sleep hygiene,” or a consistent sleep pattern. But Davis says it was after the diagnosis that the period of the most severe abuse began. For the next seven years Hager sodomized Davis without her consent while she slept roughly once a month until their divorce in 2002, she claims. ‘My sense is that he saw [my narcolepsy] as an opportunity,’ Davis surmises.”

  10. Okay, I’ll play Devil’s Advocate for the Christian guy.

    The articles I’ve seen posted here alleging that Hager abused his wife are written from the POV of a divorced spouse and her friends. Hardly an unbiased source. His refusal to respond may well be an attempt to avoid a “When did you stop beating your wife?” interrogation. Absent criminal charges he’s innocent until proven guilty.

    Regardless, the abuse allegations are irrelevant to the investigation. The question should be whether he blocked the approval of the pill to protect women’s safety or women’s morals. Whether Hager is abusive or the perfect husband, the first is the job of the FDA; the second is not.

  11. The secret of Bill Clinton’s popularity is that, even though he’s a top-drawer egghead, we all know he likes Big Mac’s and getting his dick sucked.
    Newt and Hillary will never be able to “humanize” themselves in a similar fashion since they are both from the planet Blypton, next door to Dr. Spock’s planet.

  12. Ruthless:

    If that were the case, I know several people – myself included – who would be far more popular.

  13. Larry A writes: “The question should be whether he blocked the approval of the pill to protect women’s safety or women’s morals. Whether Hager is abusive or the perfect husband, the first is the job of the FDA; the second is not.”

    I suppose the abuse of his wife might be a clue as to just how much concern he has for women’s safety.

    Heck, his opposition to the morning-after pill might well be that, if a woman can get the morning-after pill, she can deny her husband the children he wants, without his knowledge. He’s apparently very much into the submissive-wife thing, and so this could be a big problem for him.

  14. Rich Ard,
    Are you sure you read correctly what I said?

  15. Here in Florida, courtesy the president’s brother, we’ve got a head of Child and Family services who was appointed after it was firmly established that yes, he did support punishing children by beating them until they showed welts.

    The allegations that Hager beat his ex-wife and that he thinks it’s fine to force women to be obedient to the menfolk or whatever it is he’s accused of are what they call credentials these days.

  16. The news this weekend in Sinincincinnati is that a Councilman was arrested for beating his son with a belt. (or vice-versa)
    The Councilman is a black Republican.

    So many Republicans wanting to reach out and try to capture the Libertarain vote perhaps should acknowledge Libertarians don’t cotton to beating.
    We don’t, do we?
    (I say “we.” I’m an anarchist.)

  17. As much as I hate to the give the devil (if you believe Texe Marrs, that is) her due, but way-ta-go Hillary!

    I guess Hilary forgave Newt for calling her a bitch?

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