She'll Huff and She'll Puff and She'll Post Your House Down


Le Huffington Post est arrive! And I kinda like it, too. Blog down the left side, Drudgy headlines and pics to the right, a breathy Huffington Post Exclusive! about yet another Craig Unger book about the Saudis, a threatened Harry Shearer media column, and so on. The real fun is in the star-studded blog. Some examples:

  • John Cusack, on Hunter Thompson's funeral: "Outside his wife offered liquid acid to people in the driveway."
  • Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., on Yalta: "No conceivable diplomacy could have saved Eastern Europe from Soviet occupation."
  • James Pinkerton, on the Internet: "So while the details of this or that claim about the Net might be correct, in a literal sense, the basic claim about the Net–that it is individually and socially empowering–is likely to prove to be a lie. A Big Lie. And if the lie about the Net is big enough, then all little truths about the Net are effectively irrelevant, in the same way that sugar-coating a cyanide tablet doesn't change the ultimate reality of the tablet; such a tablet is still poison."
  • Jon Robin Baitz, on, ummm…: "I have a new play starting previews in New York this Friday called The Paris Letter. I'm sure I'll write about it later. But I had other blogging plans today. Today I was going to write about the re-opening of my favorite taco stand…."