Woah, Woah, That Ban's Gotta Go Now


The ban on a school band's playing an instrumental version of "Louie, Louie" that Jesse blogged about the other day has been reversed. (Hat tip: Boing Boing—and, retroactively, commenter Jennifer, who invites Boing Boing to kiss her ass. I'd never be so rash; Cory Doctorow probably has access to flesh-eating nanobots or ninja cyborg assassins or some such thing.)

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  1. Geez, don’t you guys read your own comment threads? I posted news of the ban over three hours ago.

  2. I saw it Jennifer…I think you should get credit! 🙂

  3. Damn right I should, Lowdog. Boing-Boing can kiss my ass-ass.

  4. Somewhere in Benton Harbor, Michigan a wife and mother is sickened by the anxiety of knowing that this filthy instramental will be played to thousands at the Grand Floral Parade.

    And man, is her husband going to get an earful when he gets home!

  5. The school district is trying to save face. Their website has an update which states in part:

    The band director had selected “Louie Louie” for the students to play in the Blossom time parade on May 7th. He was unaware of the sexually explicit lyrics of the song. The parents were invited to give their permission. The parents have granted their permission. There are numerous versions of this song that have come out since the original.


  6. “Sexually explicit lyrics?” Forgive me for repeating something I posted in the earlier ‘Louie Louie’ thread, but this superintendent sounds like the kind of person who would ban Rorschach tests because of all the hardcore pornography hidden in the inkblots.

  7. It just occured to me that the last HS event I attended ended with a marching band version of Louie Louie, followed by Proud Mary. This is a small Missouri town, no less.

    I guess Satan is everywhere.

  8. Number 6-
    Why does this surprise you? You’ve got one-third of Satan in your name.

  9. I actually think the superintendent did a good job. She banned the song because of a parent complaint, which is cowardly but SOP at public schools, and then reversed the ban after consulting with the other parents.

    That seems pretty reasonable to me, for a superintendent anyway.

  10. Ah. I see that Julian has given me credit, I have a new job, and the zit on my nose has finally gone away; all is well in my personal little universe.

  11. Jennifer- And the door to my apt is marked with a single ‘6’. 2/3 of the way there.

  12. Boing Boing once linked to my site, and shut down my bandwidth within an hour.

    The lesson: Boing Boing has a very big ass.

  13. Jeff-
    But mine is quite small, and kissing it wouldn’t take long at all.

  14. Jennifer,

    If boing-boing passes, may I?


  15. But mine is quite small, and kissing it wouldn’t take long at all.

    Intriguing. Please post a picture so that we may render a proper estimate on how long it’d take.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  16. Mike-
    Here’s a photo of me, from the neck down, standing in profile to the camera. As y’all can see, in addition to the nice, well-rounded butt, I also have perky boobs and adorably small feet. Too bad I can only post pictures here in black and white, though; I’m even better-looking in color.


  17. ninth row, first X. very sexy.

  18. …and it should be banned. way too suggestive.

  19. Jennifer,

    I have chide you for posting free pix of yourself on Reason Hit&Run. You should know by now to save those for our PPV “Reasonoid Girls Gone Wild” money-making scheme!! Or have you thrown our brainchild out the window?….You must not forget your capitalist roots!

  20. Smacky-
    So what’s so uncapitalist about giving out free samples?

  21. Attention readers:
    If you like the fully-clothed picture of me posted above, for the low low price of only a few dollars a month you can get pictures of me naked! Or, with our Premium Package, pictures of me AND Smacky doing the sort of things which makes Republicans want to amend the Constitution. Operators are standing by; call now.

    And don’t worry about the Constitution; luckily, the Santorums of the world can’t promote legislation with only one hand.

  22. I transferred Jennifer’s picture to my Desktop for late nite entertainment inspiration, but my Spousal Unit has forced me to take it down…she threatened to file a sexual harrassment case much like the one she almost filed when I posted the Anna Nicole Smith photo a while back.

    And I’m referring to the ANS post-EChannel, current TrimSpa…

    So now you know where your XXX-rated photo ranked, J.

  23. Steve–
    Lucky it wasn’t the picture with me AND Smacky, or your Spousal Unit would have filed for divorce.

  24. Jennifer,

    Well, if you’re just using the pic as a come-on or a free sample, I guess I will reconsider; (pause) Yes, that’s acceptable. I just wanted to audit/check your business sense for a sec there to make sure there are no leaks in our profit boat. But clearly you know what you’re doing. On that note, I’m looking into a cable-access show for us.

  25. “It just occured to me that the last HS event I attended ended with a marching band version of Louie Louie,…”

    Yeah, I think the high school band near my place here in Durham played Louie Louie last basketball season. Of course, we’re right next to the O.C. (Orange County, North Carolina). So things get pretty wild.

    Thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surpised if, in any given season, probably 1 out of every 10 high schools has at least one sport band (football or basketball) that plays Louie, Louie.

    It’s slow and easy to play; it’s perfect for accentuating brass parts (trumpet, trombone, tuba…nobody wants a sports band song that accentuates clarinets!); even though it’s slow, it gets the crowd swaying and rocking; it’s easily recognizable (“Hey, there’s that song that goes…ummmmm…Loaoia, Laoiaie…”).

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