100 Days of Bush2…


The Wash Post notes that, 100 days into George Bush's second term, Dubya's looking like a lame duck already:

As the president passed the 100-day mark of his second term over the weekend, the main question facing Bush and his party is whether they misread the November elections. With the president's poll numbers down, and the Republican majority ensnared in ethical controversy, things look much less like a once-a-generation realignment.

Whole thing here.

Social Security reform certainly looks iffy–especially given last week's presidential press conference which clarified little other than Bush's inability to make a strong case for private accounts (here's a hint: drop the rhetoric about saving the program's solvency and focus instead on the ownership-society ideal of letting poorer people pass on something to their kids). The war in Iraq seems to be spinning its wheels (at best). There's little movement on a guest-worker program for immigrants. Etc. Not much to cheer about.

For a remembrance of Bush's first 100 days–when he was promising missile defense, an energy policy, and, er, Social Security reform–go here.