25 Years Ago in Reason


"If elected, Republican presidential frontrunner Ronald Reagan declares that he will seek repeal of the federal minimum wage law, the federal inheritance tax (without regard to economic circumstances), and federal income tax on the interest from saving."

–"Breaking the Barriers"

"The organized bar is losing its grip. Fixed fee schedules and the ban on advertising have been struck down, and competitive legal clinics are starting to flourish."

–Doug Bandow, "Barring Competition"

"The public today has demonstrated, in fact, that it does not want the FDA dictating its choices just because risky matters are involved. The reaction to the saccharin controversy is a fine example, and the message could not be more clear if a national referendum were taken."

–David Mathison, "Whatever Happened to Human Body Glue?"

"Outgoing Social Security Commissioner Stanford Ross has admitted that Social Security is a tax on workers, a pay-as-you-go system…in which workers pay much more than they would have to for the same benefits to a private insurance company."

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