Brian Doherty on The O'Reilly Factor Tonight


Get yer Irish up on The O'Reilly Factor when Reason's own Brian Doherty takes on Bill the Butcher on the topic on immigration and law enforcement. Informed viewers are expecting nothing less than the celebrated donnybrook between Victor McLaglen and John Wayne in The Quiet Man.

The Factor airs tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Fox News Channel. It re-airs at 11pm ET/8pm PT and 4am ET/1am PT.

To get a hint of things, check out Brian's latest immigration-related piece here.

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  1. Should be interesting. Those of us who fall on the pro-immigration side have our work cut out for us: the neo-knownothings have the initiative in this argument, and unfortunately their position better lends itself to the kind of populist presentation that wins people over. When was the last time you heard a popular talk host give a strong, passionate *defense* of immigration?

    Any thoughts you guys have on this matter is welcomed and appreciated.

  2. I haven’t seen on any of the talking head shows a particularly strong argument against “but we have no control over our own borders! Anyone can come through Mexico, do anything they want, and leave!”

    The answer to that argument is not popularly acceptable these days, as it rests on a notion of acceptable risks.

  3. I can pretty much some up O’Reilly’s reponse to Brian in four words: “TURN OFF HIS MIKE!”

  4. edit “I can pretty much sum up….”

  5. Shit, this outta be good. That is, assuming O’Reilly lets Doherty get a thought or two in before cutting him off.

  6. I happened to be passing thru O’Reilly on my way to Comedy Central just last night, and I swear I heard him ranting about the Mexican border. Give him hell, Brian!

    “Oh, uh… they took er jerbs!”

  7. If I were Mr. Doherty, I would not sink to Reilly’s level. I would simply call him what he is: A doody-headed nincompoop. Maybe then he’ll be on “Great Moments in Punditry” on The Daily Show.

  8. Good luck, buddy. Just remember two things: (1) Get your main idea across first and immediately back it up with quickly cited evidence. This is the best way to get your ideas across when speaking to someone who yells alot. (2) Don’t resort to yelling; you’ll probably come off as being less desperate.

  9. Mr. Doherty, Smile and every now and then laugh out loud. At him. Too bad I canceled my cable service last month. I’ll ask about it at the New York State Libertarian convention next week.

    Good luck!

  10. Brian, I have to ask: Why, oh why, do you even bother going on that show? You realize that you’re not going to come out looking good no matter what evidence you present. What bother debating a man who thinks that “shut-up” is a logical retort, especially on his own turf?

  11. Brian, you could ask him if he’s afraid of losing his *69 job! There goes that there giant suckin’ sound in the direction of Mexico….

  12. Could there have been a more narrow topic and one as easy to “spin”. Cops in LA don’t enforce federal immigration laws so of course O’Reilly and who ever his lapdog other guest was then say the poor Brian doesn’t think cops should enforce any Federal Laws. Fine with me but I guess old Bill doesn’t understand Federalism or States Rights. Anyway it was pretty one sided….

  13. Anyone know where I can see a video of Brian’s appearance? Had to go pick up a stranded roommate so I missed the segment.

  14. I just saw it, and I thought Mr. Doherty did well, despite the slew of strawmen being hurled at him (You’ll have to pardon me, I may be a little baked). I forget who the other guy was, a Phd or something, but he kept talking about the immigrant criminals in this country. Mr. Doherty pointed out that yes, technically, they are criminals because they are violating our nations laws by being here illegally, but since that is not a crime against a person or their property, it should be OK. I would have instead said that if being an illegal immigrant is the only thing they’re guilty of, I could care less. The gangbangers, the crooks, the rest of them, deport their asses. Tell Mexico their border hospitals are going to be busy, because they ain’t going to ours unless they pay cash.

  15. matt,

    I tivo’d it, but I’ll probably erase it. Reilly can be a real douche and I don’t want him taking up space on my equipment.

  16. Yeah, O’Reilly was quite a prick. I feel dirty for watching it. Doherty was obviously there to play the stooge that O’Reilly and his pal could gang up on and try to make look stupid in front of America. I hate those shows.

  17. Try this: “Our immigration officers have more important things to do that save you from listening to someone speack Spanish at the grocery store, Bill. Don’t you know there’s a war on?”

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