"Grandma Eats Cannabis"


A 66-year-old Welsh grandmother named Patricia Tabram, who has won local celebrity for lacing her cooking with cannabis, has announced her candidacy for the House of Commons. According to the Daily Mail, she will be representing the Legalise Cannabis Alliance.

Tabram was introduced to the substance last year to relieve her medical problems, and soon after started preparing a variety of cannabis-laced dishes for herself and her friends, including "chicken and leek pies, curries, beef casseroles, chocolate cakes and biscuits." Tabram was arrested and admitted to possession with intent to supply, but was spared jail time.

"If I'm voted for," she told the press, "I'm going to promise people in this country I will fight for the rights of every man and woman to receive safe medication. It's going to be a hell of a long journey and I'll probably be dead before we win the argument."

Tabram is the author of an unpublished manuscript entitled Grandma Eats Cannabis.

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  1. That’s one cool gramma.

  2. Screw angosticism…god bless her

  3. That article makes me have the munchies. I guess a bell is to Pavlov’s dogs, as weed is to a smoker…

  4. correction: “reading about weed”

  5. ahhh so thats why my nannas cakes are so tasty 😀

  6. I thought it said “cannibals.”
    I am disappointed.

  7. “Have some of my delicious chicken pot pie!”

  8. No kitty! You can’t have any! That’s a bad kitty!

  9. I’ve never tried pot and never wanted to, but now I wonder how it tastes in a recipe.

    Gee, thanks. (heh)

  10. “No kitty! You can’t have any! That’s a bad kitty!”

    Oh, great. Now the cat’s just going to lay around the house doing nothing, taking naps, and being fascinated by random things.

  11. I’ve never tried pot and never wanted to, but now I wonder how it tastes in a recipe.


    If smell is any indication, then the taste must be wonderful! I loooooove the smell of pot. I would get it as an air freshener, but that would probably get me into a lot of unneccessary trouble, seeing as how I no longer smoke.

    Actually, I’ve tried pot brownies before…they tasted like brownies. But they got me stoned.

  12. She seems like one half of the Baldwin sisters from The Waltons.

  13. joe,

    Thanks for the chuckle. (I prefer cats as pets as opposed to dogs as pets and care for two cats.)

  14. Good one, joe.

    Baking pot into “chicken and leek pies, curries, beef casseroles, chocolate cakes and biscuits.” – now that’s killing two birds with one stone: both causing and satisying the munchies.

  15. Grandma Eats Cannabis.

    …and smokes acid. Don’t fuck with grandma!

  16. Stick with grandma!

  17. Baking pot into “chicken and leek pies, curries, beef casseroles, chocolate cakes and biscuits.”

    Forget the House of Commons…this lady sounds like she deserves an award for her cooking, pot or no.

  18. I don’t do pot, nor do I smoke, but once I was looking through a Loompanics book catalog, and they had a special feature article in there about how to make beer and champagne out of marijuana. I have to admit, it sounded pretty yummy.

    However, when I showed the recipes to some of my more with-it friends, they pointed out that the quantities of marijuana required were prodigious, and that the stuff would cost “hundreds and hundreds” of dollars to make.

    (Pot does smell good, unlike tobacco.)

  19. Good tobacco smells nice, too. Just not the crap they put into packs of cigarettes.

    You know how Marlboro lists “Class A Tobacco” on their packs? I’ve heard that A is the lowest category of tobacco.

  20. Stevo,

    Maybe — probably — I’m misinformed, but I thought that mixing marijuana with alcohol was a dangerous proposition.

  21. I only know what I read. I do remember the Loompanics article said the resulting beverages might be rather potent.

    I just Googled marijuana-alcohol interactions, and all I found was that marijuana suppresses your gag reflex, so if you get drunk enough to puke, you’re more likely to choke.


    I’m not advocating anything, just reporting some odd info, mind you.

  22. As some one who is still a student, i would say its fair to say, that smoking pot whilst drinking dosent have any obvious other effects, other than that stoned drunk people are normaly more fun to be around and less fighty (if thats a word) than the same person whilst just plain drunk.

  23. Cymru am byth!!

  24. I was in San Francisco this past week for the 2005 NORML Conference and was able to enjoy real pot brownies for the first time…LEGALLY.

    After some advance cyber consultation combined with a personal visit to a good California MD friend, I received my legal recommend to possess and to consume marijuana in the state of California.

    The recommend also protects me legally in nine other states, and likely several more after the next two election cycles.

    BUT we were talking about Brownies, right?

    Ummm, ummmm, good.

    I found that one served quite well prior to and during attendance at a private dinner banquet we had that lasted about three hours.

    And none of the side effects of toking.

  25. Stevo–

    Once, when I was in college, I received three bottles of marijuana beer in exchange for helping this guy pick up and move a truckload of manure. (I knew better than to ask what he wanted the manure for.)

    The beer tasted awful, but it was very potent. One bottle, and I could just kiss the afternoon goodbye. And was only too happy to do so. 🙂 That was my only encounter with reefer beer–haven’t even seen any before or since.

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