Because Your Money is a Wonderful Thing to Waste


Heritage's Brian Riedly compiles a list of the federal government's top 10 greatest hits in waste, including Department of Education loans for non-existent students to attend fictitious colleges and a whopping $25 billion that just got lost somehow.

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  1. Wow, 25 bil? You’re talking real money there.

  2. Maybe the same people managing the Iraq reconstruction funds were also managing that $25B ?

  3. I think the government should launch a length and expensive investigation to get to the bottom of this!

  4. But don’t let that shake your faith in them. If they say that somebody is a terrorist and should be imprisoned, there’s no need to double check their story by having a trial. Just take their word.

  5. “This $108 million could have purchased seven Blackhawk helicopters, 17 M1 Abrams tanks, or a large supply of additional body armor for U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    I love how they add a zinger to the end of each one.
    History tells me that, even if they did get this money back somehow, the chances of it being used for anything so concrete is minimal.

  6. This money could be used to…

    How about taking a bite out of the deficit or just giving everyone a nice tax cut?

  7. I am sure the Heritage folks want to save the education money from being wasted so it can be spent teaching creationism.

  8. Gee XRAY you’re a real card.

  9. Thanx Chesty. I just like to remind everybody that Heritage are supporters of ID in the schools, since that adds so much to their credibility.

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