25 Years Ago in Reason


"How would you like to have your own satellite ground station, receiving up to six channels of first-run moves, live concerts, and sports events? Several years from now you may be able to call your local Sears Roebuck store and order such a system."

–Robert Poole Jr., "Pay TV Expands"

"The bureaucratic approach to inner-city problems drives away the very people who are most likely to revive the depressed areas–the entrepreneurs."

–Stuart M. Butler, "Salvaging Our Cities"

"The [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms] has given us enough examples of what is known in law enforcement as a strike-force mentality to suggest either a general policy or an attitude among individual agents favoring overutilization of force."

–John D. Lewis Jr., "American Gestapo: How the BATF is Riding Roughshod Over Civil Liberties"

"Military spending is not spending in the eyes of so-called tightwads in Congress, you know, the traditional right-wing kind of people. They rave and rant about cutting government spending and then take a deep breath and propose a blank check for the military."

–"Reason Interview: Ernest Fitzgerald"