Nick Gillespie on Dennis Miller


Il capo di tutti Reasonoids is slated to be on CNBC's Dennis Miller Show tonight to discuss Terri Schiavo and other current events. The program airs at 9 p.m. Eastern Time (6 p.m. Pacific) and again at midnight Eastern Time (9 p.m. Pacific). No official word on whether a leather jacket will be involved, but the smart money's on it.

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  1. Maybe he’ll wear a plaid jacket with a lime green turtleneck.

  2. Ahhhh, Captain Hairdo. Miller’s show has certainly improved since it first aired. (Too bad not enough for me to enjoy watching it)

    But I will tune it tonight.

  3. Movin’ on up from Alan Nathan’s Battle Line…good to see..hell Miller probably won’t even yell too much..

  4. Phew. I’m glad this wasn’t what the title made me think it was.

  5. Curious: Has Dennis Miller taken a position on the Schiavo case?

  6. Ah Nick and his trademark “hope I die before I get old” leather jacket. If you’re going to be a mid ’70s retrosexual, at least rock the dayglo swastika on the back.

  7. Curious: Has Dennis Miller taken a position on the Schiavo case?


  8. Nick’s made the really big time! 🙂

    FNC OREILLY 2,428,000
    FNC HANNITY/COLMES 2,121,000
    FNC GRETA 1,700,000
    CNN LARRY KING 1,529,000
    FNC SHEP SMITH 1,402,000
    CNN AARON BROWN 1,160,000
    CNN COOPER 748,000
    CNN PAULA ZAHN 664,000
    MSNBC ABRAMS 412,000
    MSNBC HARDBALL 396,000

    Wow, almost five percent of O’Reilly’s viewing audience!

  9. still beats Battle Line

  10. Perhaps Dennis has found a replacement for the monkey?

  11. Miller is a stooge.

    Give me two dimes on the jacket.

  12. The problem with Miller is that he is no longer funny. He’s just shrill and preachy.

  13. Go Nick. So tonight individual liberty will have an able representative on prime time TV. That’ll be different.

    Nick, mention at least thing that’s in the Reason issue on the stands now. There’s a lot of interesting items and if you make it clear that they’re in the current issue, which folks can buy, it will engender sales. (I hope the show hasn’t already been taped)

  14. Curious: Has Dennis Miller taken a position on the Schiavo case?

    If this was pre-911 Dennis Miller, I’d be surprised. Now, I’m not at all surprised.

  15. Mo,

    What does 9/11 have to do with the Schiavo case?

  16. Nothing at all, except that Dennis has had his lips planted firmly on Bush?s patoot since 9-11.

  17. Besides, if Bush can connect the issues, then so can I.

  18. Sorry to interupt this conversation between old friends, but are you serious as to Miller being yet another media idiot on Schindler’s List? I don’t pay him much attention these days, but whoever said he’s lip to butt with GW is clearly correct. There is absolutely no way he’d have taken such a stance back in the day when he would make the occasional brilliant observation. Wow. Selling out is the one true never-ending story.

  19. Selling out? He’s one of the few Hollywood types that dares to buck Hollywood conventional wisdom. Although, I agree, he isn’t really that funny.

  20. Maybe Nick won’t get screamed at as much on Miller’s show, at least.

    I’ll tune in if I get home tonight by 11 p.m. Central/midnight Eastern.

  21. He’s been on Miller’s Varsity before so this isnt some huge breakthrough like a lot of posters seem to suggest with the “now that he’s on Miller..”
    I remember Miller calling him “Nicky”

  22. Hey Mike,

    Maybe just a semantical difference? I remember thinking Miller did buck the system in years past, and in a non-threatening manner that could well have impacted the closed-minded among us. But maybe I gave him too much credit in the first place. Or maybe he never really sold out at all so much as he got comfortable. Just as possible, maybe I’m completely off my rocker on this one due to my hyperfocus on the Schiavo debacle at the moment.

    Either way, a brilliant writer in a leather jacket is more than enough reason to tune in and check out for myself whether Miller’s gone Lite or not…

  23. OK. Miller is neither Genuine nor Lite. He’s just a clueless knucklehead.


  25. Yowza, I must be in bizarro world. Willie Brown actually made sense.

    As for Miller, he hasn’t jumped any old shark. That sucker has frickin’ lasers attached.

  26. Willie Brown in favor of privatizing intelligence gathering? Now I’ve heard it all!

  27. Willie Brown for LP Prez in 2008

  28. The funny irreverent Dennis Miller is dead. The MNF gig must have killed him. The man hosting his show tonight was an shell.

  29. Nick on target! Reasonoids be proud. He made strong points and backed them up well on each of the subjects. On Terri Schiavo, his good sense about the befuddlement of the situation being due to not knowing Schiavo’s wishes should be therapeutic to the nation, or however many folks it is who watch Miller’s show.

    On SS, Nick pointed out that it’s our money and Bush would do well to take Nick’s marketing advice and just call it “privatization”. When Willie Brown was advocating simply raising the retirement age to save SS with an attitude that puts the government first, Nick nicely defected his point.

    On the leather Jacket: The look certainly works for Nick-kind of a Ramones cum intellectual look. Seems appropriate.

    Could Miller possibly have patronized Willie Brown any more? It was embarrassing.
    Miller is hep for a comedian but a lightweight for a commentator. I think that Nick should host a Reason TV show. All the Reason editors could be on and they could have guests who were actually engaged intelligently…hey, I can dream can’t I?

  30. Nick did a great job. libertarian ideals are like a virus and infect healthy minds. Keep up the good work.

  31. I think I heard Nick suggest that if the President wasn’t going to hold someone responsible for the bad intelligence, then we should hold the President responsible. I think I heard Nick use the word “incompetent”. The audacity!

    …Miller and that lady from hell both looked like they’d never heard anybody say such a thing!

  32. Just no accounting for taste.

  33. Hmmm… a libertarian talk show on something other than cable access?

    I think that would prove the existence of a supreme deity.

  34. Geez, all this giddy excitement over a little exposure for one looney right-wing libertarian guru! You guys should take up chess or something before your brains resemble Terri Schiavo’s.

  35. Yeah, ain’t this the same guru who predicted Miller’s lame act would be cancelled after a week?

  36. Alan,

    But we do play chess and when we do, we only use a computer when it’s appropriate. 😉

  37. “Geez, all this giddy excitement over a little exposure for one looney right-wing libertarian guru!”

    This comment is about Nick, right?

    Doesn’t it seem to the rest of you that Nick gets called “right-wing” about as often as he’s charged with being in bed with the Democrats?

    …Really, it seems to break about 50/50 to me.

  38. what Rick B. said…

    Gary – what mo said about mr miller. he’s totally turned hardcore since then…

  39. Actually, before today I had never heard of Nick Gillespie.
    When is it appropriate to use a computer for chess?

  40. when your human partners are imperfect, puny mortal.

  41. “Hmmm… a libertarian talk show on something other than cable access?”

    Probably some cable access shows get more viewers than Miller…

  42. Good segment. Nick did an excellent job and so did Cathy Seipp. I agree that Nick should host the show.

    Miller’s pro-Schindler argument seems to boil down to sympathy for the grieving mom.

  43. Alan:

    Actually, before today I had never heard of Nick Gillespie.

    That’s OK. You’re visiting this blog, so there’s still hope for you. Nick is the editor-in-chief of Reason.

    When is it appropriate to use a computer for chess?

    When you’re playing one.

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