Gitmo Update: 38 walk


And the Pentagon says that that's all she wrote for its compliance with the Rasul v. Bush decision that declared that the 558 military detainees down Guantanamo way should have some legal recourse to challenge their imprisonment. The military tribunals that reviewed the cases did not allow them lawyers, or the ability to challenge secret evidence.

See Reason's January cover story by Harvey Silverglate explaining why Rasul, and the Ramdi decision that came down the same day on enemy combatants, weren't as promising for civil liberties as many first thought.

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  1. If the evidence against those 38 was so weak that they couldn’t be held even under such minimum standards, I trust they also got an apology.

  2. What do those 38 have to complain about? They probably even got to enjoy some good old-fashioned fraternity pranks during their stay at Gitmo! Talk about fun!

  3. I think the primary issue is the remaining 520 detainees. According to the military, “they’re bad mm’-kay” and I guess that’s just peachy with the SCOTUS.

    Silverglate’s article was outstanding. I wish more people had read it.

  4. The detainees are towelheads, thus their lives are of no consequence.

    That, in a nutshell, is the unvarnished position of the Bush Adminstration, which many Americans share.

    Being the new chosen people means never having to say you’re sorry.

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