"Let music for peace be the paradigm"


So wrote W.H. Auden in his justly forgotten "Hymn to the U.N.". Failing that, in Annan's United Nations, they've settled for letting sex for trifles be the paradigm. Some awful details from investigations into the U.N.'s ongoing Congolese peacekeeper sexual exploitation scandal.

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  1. BUNIA, CONGO – She’s known in the community as a “one-dollar U.N. girl.” At night, she sleeps on the cracked pavement outside a storefront. In the mornings, she walks through the dusty streets, clutching a frayed parasol against the blinding sun.

    This sort of shit goes on in every war (unfortunately).

  2. Seems like the UN should change their tune to
    “All we are saying is give piece a chance.”

  3. Is Casals’ music available online (even in MIDI form)? I hope it’s better than Auden’s Skeltonics (which I hasten to add I admire in some of his other poems…)

  4. Sounds like the UN’s anthem ought to be alternating verses of “Brown Sugar” and “Aqualung.”

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