Mass Shootings

Esoteric Fringe Group or Esoteric Joke? — Part 2


A follow-up to my earlier post about the "Libertarian National Socialist Green Party," the maybe-serious, maybe-satiric, maybe-both group that apparently appealed to the Red Lake school shooter:

I wrote on Wednesday that the party's website now lacks the "more transparently goofy material" that used to define it. Then Charles Cameron reminded me that I can use the Wayback Machine to reconjure the original, sillier site—so here you go.

If you visit, be sure to stop by the bizarre links page and the original FAQ, which includes gems like this:

How do you feel about drugs?

The Libertarian National Socialist Green party endorses a "do what thou wilt" policy toward individual lives, and in that context has no statement on drugs; however, individual members use them frequently and report that drugs are still excellent.

You should also check out the odd illustration here. And then there's this ineffable item.