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Esoteric Fringe Group or Esoteric Joke? — Part 2


A follow-up to my earlier post about the "Libertarian National Socialist Green Party," the maybe-serious, maybe-satiric, maybe-both group that apparently appealed to the Red Lake school shooter:

I wrote on Wednesday that the party's website now lacks the "more transparently goofy material" that used to define it. Then Charles Cameron reminded me that I can use the Wayback Machine to reconjure the original, sillier site—so here you go.

If you visit, be sure to stop by the bizarre links page and the original FAQ, which includes gems like this:

How do you feel about drugs?

The Libertarian National Socialist Green party endorses a "do what thou wilt" policy toward individual lives, and in that context has no statement on drugs; however, individual members use them frequently and report that drugs are still excellent.

You should also check out the odd illustration here. And then there's this ineffable item.

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  1. i knew that phrase sounded familiar… just too weird. (good catch, btw.)

  2. Now THAT’S a fun link 🙂

  3. Flash-this just in! Ralph Nader is exploring “coalition possibilities”.

    Rick Barton

    (using my “Friday fun screen-name”)

  4. I remember seing the screen for this group on a tv program about radical hate groups in america. Looks like the reporter never looked at the site, only the title. Why am I not surprised?

    I remember this because I was outraged at someone using the Libertarian name and attaching it to the other names and associating it with hate groups.


  5. I haven’t used drugs in years, but I’m glad to hear they are still excellent.

  6. that has to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen… there was actually one worthwhile link on the site:

  7. ok, so I don’t know HTML… but go there anyways, i swear it’s good

  8. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

    …oh and also, Wie m?ssen die Juden aus rotten!

  9. One of the guys on their Links page, William King, apparently just discovered he was being linked by a Nazi organization and went ballistic. I’m glad to know his reaction, because I’ve linked to his site myself.

  10. The really don’t advocate killing Christians, but they must get asked a lot. They answer the question twice.

  11. At first glance, these guys seem to be serious. I thought that I was halfway decent at spotting irony and contextual absurdities, but for this outfit I’m not noticing anything which seems to be intentional irony.

    If this were a joke site, I’d expect very obvious punch lines to emerge from all of the sociology babble. If these guys are ironic humorists, then they are extremely subtle. If anybody can spot an obvious tell on that site that they’re joking then please share it.

    I think they’re serious.

  12. Whether their serious or not, it didn’t prevent the local news channel from running a moral-panic style expose on local hate/neo-nazi groups. I see a new trenchcoat mafia in the making.

  13. Holy Crap! I didn’t realize the Waybackmachine actually stored some of my articles and rants from my bitter late teenage hears. There they are on the internet forever and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    Anybody else got anything embarassing up there? Come on, share.

  14. Pavel:

    1) You’re hardly alone in having posted some things you might be embarrassed about later:

    “Don’t get drunk on the Internet. I used to do that and type messages and get in arguments with people…I look at some of the stuff I wrote when I was doing that years ago and it’s embarrassing as hell, and it’s still around.”

    — Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D.

    2) Apparently “your bitter late teenage years” are as recent as around 2000. You young punk! 🙂

    3) I didn’t read the whole rant, but it didn’t seem like anything to be embarrassed about to me. I’ll probably read it later. (Although I hate white type on a black background — that tends to discourage readership of any but the shortest text.)

    4) Once upon a time, I used to post as “Stevo” in a blog-type multi-partisan forum called That folded. Later, some regulars who missed the old forum got together in one called That also died. However, a libertarian participant named Bill Bunn saved some comments by me (and many other posters) on his own Web site. They can be most easily seen by looking at the caches here.. I’m not too embarrassed by any of these yet.

    5) I have posted some potentially embarrassing things in a couple other forums, under another handle, that are potentially embarrassing. But if I wanted to share them, even I can’t find them — age and obscurity have hidden them well.

  15. I don’t think there’s a problem. First of all, I don’t think music turns people into social liabilities. Because you hear a lyric — there’s no medical proof that a person hearing a lyric is going to act out the lyric. There’s also no medical proof that if you hear any collection of vowels and consonants, that the hearing of that collection is going to send you to Hell.
    — Frank Zappa, interview, WRIF, 1985

  16. LiNa SoGrePar may be a maltese porn-star,
    look out for copycats..or blauen apfelstrudel jungfrauen…

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