Art? Yeah, We Got Art


Reason cartoonist Peter Bagge will be having his first solo art show this weekend at the MF Gallery in New York City. Peter writes:

The opening is on Sat., March 19th at 7pm, and the gallery is located at 157 Rivington St. in the Very Lower East Side.

I'll be signing the brand spanking new Buddy Bradley Doll from Presspop, as well as copies of the new Buddy Does Seattle and Apocalypse Nerd #1.

Another exhibit ought to interest anyone who enjoyed my article on Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna, the two artists who made their own stamps and then tried, often successfully, to mail letters with them. Hernandez de Luna has organized Axis of Evil, a show featuring stamps by several artists, which opened at the Nexus Gallery in Philadelphia on March 4 and is running there until March 29. I haven't been to the show yet, but I've seen the catalog, and some of the work is very striking. The theme of the exhibit is evil, so the stamp topics range from 9/11 to pedophilia, from Nazism to napalm, from a series of American politicians to a series of "the Baader-Meinhoff Girls." And of course, Evel Kneivel.

After its Philly run, Axis of Evil will appear at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago from April 8 though May 11. Then it goes to the Lawton Gallery in Green Bay, Wisconsin, from September 15 though October 6.