The Jewelry That Is in Thy Brother's Eye


What is it with Illinois legislators and weird ornamental surgery? First they went after forked tongues. Now it's eye jewelry. Their guiding principle: If thinking about it makes you wince, it ought to be illegal.

[Thanks to Nicolas Martin for the link.]

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  1. I think we need a US constitutional amendment to make sure states don’t try and mess with the sanctity of the eye.

  2. Ick!!!

    Hey, totally off-topic, but as a future, present or past law school student, I have a sudden urge to help create a blog to provide resources for law students. I sure wish I had an outlet for this sudden urge.

    Unfortunately, due to limited time, I won’t be able to read any threads older than this one today.

  3. I’m with you, Stevo, just, how do you do it? If only…

  4. If pierced Mucus Membranes are outlawed, then only Outlaws will have PMMs.

    and don’t forget

    They’ll only get my Ocular Prince Albert if they pry it out of my Cold, Dead Eyeballs.

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