Matt Welch Wins One for the Team


Reason's own Matt Welch has convinced blogger extraordinaire Michael J. Totten of the stupidity of most so-called campaign finance reform.

What'd it take? The coming attack on blogging under the auspices of the abysmal McCain-Feingold exceptions to the First Amendment.

Now if we could only convince Matt that his beloved California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels suck, we'd be getting somewhere.

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  1. Good luck convincing a majority of congressional weasels to repeal the stupidity.

  2. Can’t we just put all our blogs in Canada?

  3. As someone who grew up in Anaheim, went to school with Rod Carew?s and Donnie Moore?s kids and is still a Dodgers fan, even I can?t convince an Angels fan their team sucks. They can always taunt me with ?19-88, clap, clap, clap clap clap?. Besides, seeing the Angels beat the Giants while living in San Francisco is the next best thing to watching the boys in blue win.

    I?m still pissed that the Angels are hating on Anaheim and the OC like they do. Anaheim is home of many great things, Disneyland, Gwen Stefani, Sue from Swingers, and many not great things, 2nd whitest city in America and a whole lot more white supremacists and devil worshippers than you?d expect. Name change aside, Artie makes me pine for the good old days of the O?Malleys (the most hated family in Brooklyn).

  4. Don’t try to tell me bloggers aren’t journalists. The ‘every form of speech should be regulated except mine’ attitude, is more reliable than a pre-employment drug screen.

  5. The fact that Welch and Totten couldn’t see what a total, self-serving, counterproductive clusterfarg this was from day one doesn’t speak well of their powers of perception and analysis.

    C’mon, all campaign finance reform is an exercise in either (a) incumbent protection (choling off money to the competition) or (b) pissing up a rope (at no point, ever, in human history has it been possible to separate money and power).

    Or (c) both.

    It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  6. Blogger changes mind on campaign finance in light of forthcoming blogging regulations. How courageous and thoughtful!

    My heart just skipped a beat at the sheer inanity.

  7. Great job, Matt. Hey, Matt’s come a long way since that Jerry Brown interview. 🙂

  8. Why should anyone get down on Matt for backing the Angels? At least they are native to Southern California, and not ripped from the bosom of Minnesota, Brooklyn or Cleveland. OK, they do play in the pitchers-don’t-hit, sissy, brother-in-law American League, but them’s the breaks of expansion.

    Good libertarian baseball fans need to liberate themselves from the false cult of O’Malley hatred. As a Brooklyn native, I was raised to curse the O’Malley name, but as one can learn from Neil Sullivan’s The Dodgers Move West* such anger would have been more justly directed at Evil Urban Planner Robert Moses, who thwarted WO’M’s every effort to replace Ebbets Field with a modern, private facility.

    Gov’t meddling nudged the Dodgers to leave Brooklyn. Corporate welfare drew an NL franchise to L.A.


    * or

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