Dems Eye Tax Cuts


Or, to be more accurate, Dem eyes tax cuts.

From the Wash Times comes props for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson for pushing tax cuts–and pulling a gentleman's "B" on the Cato Fiscal Policy Report Card ("B" was the highest grade anyone got).

Mr. Richardson, who is the new chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said he wants his party to change its position on taxes and begin supporting tax cuts that help create more investment, economic growth and new businesses that will boost employment.

While Democratic leaders here, and many fellow Democrats in the state capitals were bashing President Bush for cutting taxes and even raising taxes in their states, Richardson was doing what Mr. Bush did: He cut state income tax rates sharply across the board and slashed the capital gain tax rate in half.

Post-ideological hilarity–and massive job growth–ensues. Whole thing here.