CPAC Blogging: Rove Edition


Political uberguru Karl Rove just spoke and made an, uh… interesting case for a Bush mandate. First, we learn that Bush had the highest vote total in history. Meaning, as you'll be glad to learn, that the population is growing. Reminds me a bit of how Hollywood keeps generating news about box office record breakers by refusing to adjust box reciepts for inflation. Then we learn that he's got the highest vote percentage of any democratic president since the 60s. Which might be relevant if there hadn't been a major third party contender in both of Clinton's elections. Recall, after all, that Clinton's margin over Dole was a whopping seven points. But let's not get into talking about margins.

Now, since 'm not particularly fond of the recent D presidents either, I don't have a dog in the "my mandate is bigger than your mandate" fight. But this kind of stretching just seems sad.