The new edition of The Economist has a nice nanotech survey series. Ron Bailey's extensive writing on nanotech includes this piece from October and this feature from our December 2003 issue.

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  1. M$ Passport – RIP:

    What else will the anti-M$ crowd think of to hate about M$?

  2. Gary, hitting the New Year’s beverages a little early?

    One advantage of nanotechnology is the solubility issue. Consider vitamins, that many take and then pee right out. Replacing a 300mg barely soluable tablet with a 3mg one that disolves easily and perhaps binds better is a cost savings to the manufacturer, a more efficient delivery to the body, and a major reduction in the size of the horse pill now offered.

  3. Gary,

    Oh, “we” could go on, and on, and on :-). Its patent policy (not by any measure the only or worst offender there, I’m afraid), its FUD campaign against Free/Open Source Software, its extremely expensive software, and its bullying tactics with respect to other software development houses are just a few of the things “we” love to hate.

    And then there’s the emotionally satisfying activity of kicking the guy at the top, resulting sometimes from jealousy, sometimes indignation, and sometimes schadenfreude.

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