Bolivia's Other Great Crop: Che Nostalgia


Reader Mark Bonacquisti points to this NY Times travel piece (reg. required) that will warm the hearts of beret-wearing commodity fetishists everywhere. It describes how sandalistas can trace the path that Che Guevara rode in The Motorcycle Diaries, which has been described, notes the Times, as "Easy Rider meets Das Kapital" (I'm guessing that Marx is Dennis Hopper and Engels is Peter Fonda, but who the hell is the godawful talking-mime troupe at the commune?)

For hard-core Che Guevara enthusiasts, there is yet another [vacation] option. On Oct. 4, the Bolivian government opened up the "Che Trail," which allows visitors to follow the path of Guevara's last march before he was captured in the village of La Higuera by the Bolivian Army.

All that's missing is the cardboard cut-out of the bullet-ridden totalitarian pinup that you can take a picture with. Whole thing here.

Some Reason thoughts about Che's "secret diaries" are online here and about Cuba's 30th anniversary celebration of his death here. And Managing Editor Jesse Walker took a long look at Cuban art posters here.