Why Does Fox News Hate Christmas?


To borrow a phrase, heh. Via Atrios.

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  1. The rubes aren’t supposed to see that sort of thing. Sort of how the whole Bernie Soprano/Judith Regan thing is curiously missing from Fox News Alerts. Despite being the sort of story cable news producers must dream about.

    A buffet dinner and casino? I can see Bill Bennett crashing that party like Kool Aid Man. Then later being led away, dazed and shirtless, mumbling incoherently.

  2. I noticed that the other day, at the end of his press conference, the Prez said, “Happy Holidays,” not “Merry Christmas.” Ya think his right-wing following will call him on it? Yeah, I know: don’t hold your breath…

  3. The Dear Leader only said “Happy Holidays” because the Evil Liberals control everything! He had no choice! But rest assured that the Dear Leader and Bill O’Reilly (the only one looking out for you!) are fighting for your right to practice Christianity!

  4. You mean to tell me that Fox News would stoop so low as to FABRICATE a crisis?

    Next thing you know, they’ll be hiring Jayson Blair as a special investigative reporter!

  5. How do you like the “War on Christmas” reports that O’Reilly’s doing? I did all the fact-checking for him.

    That’s right, O’Reilly has a fact-checker. Bet you never would have guessed!

  6. “I can see Bill Bennett crashing that party like Kool Aid Man.”

    thanks, jackass. now i have to go to meeting with coffee stains all over my shirt.

  7. It’s not just O’Reilly, it’s all of the right-wing talk radio crowd. Hannity’s been talking about this, as has whatever drones have been filling in for Limbaugh and Bob Grant for the last week or so.

  8. First the “death tax” threat to family farms, then the “trial lawyers,” and now the war on Christmas by “far left secular progressives.” Thank God I’ve got faux populists like “Spongebill” O’Reilly defending me from manufactured menaces like this–it helps take my mind off thirty years of stagnant wages.

  9. You know those secular Jews who control the media. They’re very good at pretending to be decent, moral, and white.

  10. (from “Family Guy”)

    Peter: Oh nooooo…

    Lois: Oh noooooo…


    (Pauses, looks around, sheepishly backs out…)

  11. Sheesh……Merry Christmas ya nit-wits!

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