Calling All Night Owls: Choice: The Best of Reason NYC Reading On C-SPAN in the Wee Small Hours…


On Monday, December 20, at 1:30AM, C-SPAN's most excellent Book TV–which runs weekends on C-SPAN 2 in most markets–will be rerunning its coverage of the November 12 Greenwich Village reading and discussion of Choice: The Best of Reason.

Participants include your humble narrator, Senior Editor Brian Doherty (author of This Is Burning Man) and Choice contributor Joe Bob Briggs (author of Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History). The event was moderated by Onion staffer Joe Garden.

More details here.

And don't forget to pick up a dozen or so copies of Choice, in hardcover or paperback. They're available for next to nothing online here.