Calling All Night Owls: Choice: The Best of Reason NYC Reading On C-SPAN in the Wee Small Hours…


On Monday, December 20, at 1:30AM, C-SPAN's most excellent Book TV–which runs weekends on C-SPAN 2 in most markets–will be rerunning its coverage of the November 12 Greenwich Village reading and discussion of Choice: The Best of Reason.

Participants include your humble narrator, Senior Editor Brian Doherty (author of This Is Burning Man) and Choice contributor Joe Bob Briggs (author of Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History). The event was moderated by Onion staffer Joe Garden.

More details here.

And don't forget to pick up a dozen or so copies of Choice, in hardcover or paperback. They're available for next to nothing online here.

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  1. Nick,

    I extended my subscription out to 2006. I loved the book, but am a bit disappointed that it wasn’t hardcover. Would that have required an extension to ’08?

  2. I love how CSPAN’s Tivo & TV guide listings show a bajillion hours of “BookTV”, without any details.

    So, is that 1:30am Eastern or Pacific?

  3. Though it kind of got dismissed, I really liked Joe Bob’s comment about the “gray-haired old man” figure in the legal bureaucracy. I think he was spot on.

    Maybe it’s because America is so virginal with respect to oppression. There really seems to be an ingrained respect for authority that simply doesn’t exist among the general populance in most countries. Nowhere more than Eastern Europe. Centuries of invasion, repression and oppression breed anarchism as a sort of cultural norm. A bottle of vodka is basically as good as a stamped document.

    Oh and also, Brian looks like an adorable shy Tom Waits.

  4. I stayed up well past my bedtime and it was worth it. Good job, guys.

  5. On Monday, December 20, at 1:30AM…

    My roommate and I both interpreted this as Monday night… i.e. Tuesday morning. Guess we were wrong.

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