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If you've been following Roger Ebert's search for "Daryl," the reader who ruined his law school career by going on a mass-transit romance in imitation of the (Bloomsday tribute) movie Before Sunrise, you'll be happy to know Jolly Roger has got his man. Details here, but the upshot is that Daryl is now on his way to becoming a barrister in the UK. So somebody who might have increased the population of American lawyers by one has been successfully removed to another country‚ÄĒa happy ending by any standard.

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  1. Hi Tim
    As someone who will be off to law school next year, let me address your insulting post with the following unassailable analysis:

    Bite me.

    Eryk Boston
    – Future Anti-Trial Lawyers of America

  2. Ebert’s great. He does as good a job as any of separating his politics from his reviews. He understands that movies are about mood and atmosphere and other things only film can capture. And he does a good job of defending good movies like F9/11 and JFK from people who go to theatres looking for journalism.

    Big ups.

  3. “…let me address your insulting post…”

    I don’t know, I kind of liked it.

    See if you can pick up some thicker skin when you get to law school, Eryk. If that really is your name.

  4. “See if you can pick up some thicker skin when you get to law school, Eryk.”

    He might also try looking for a giant douche, to get that sand out of his vagina.

  5. The danger with using irony is that stupid people might think you’re serious.

    – Author unknown

  6. Questions for the group:
    Rented Before Sunset (BS for short — quite applicable actually) with the gf thinking it was a romantic movie. I missed the part it said it was a sequel to Before sunrise when renting it. Anyhow, I couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes of this movie. Felt like this is what would have come out, had Michael Moore directed a “love story”.

    So my questions (just to satisfy my curiosity, without having to waste another 4 bucks and two hours of my life) are:
    Was the content of Before Sunrise the same? I.e. whining liberals complaining about America. Or was it actually something else? Did BS actually change from tired, liberal cliches (well, they did add the Freedom fries whine in there) after those first 10 minutes?

    I did manage to catch the part where she says something about her mind feeling free etc, etc in some Eastern Europe country under communism when she visited there. Typical liberal of course, feeling free, while everyone around them is held under leftish slavery (except we don’t call it that, since they do get free aspirins under those systems).

    Yes, yes, I know it’s a movie and “she’s” a fictional character. But com’n, we all know that line represented half of the Global Exchange travellers out there.

  7. I wondered what kind of insane, infantile, micromanaging graduate/professional program requires NOTES if you are absent from class.

    Cripes. Is that what law school is really like?
    No wonder I’ve heard it described (by lawyers) as adult nursery school.

  8. He probably didn’t need to give any excuse for being absent, but lying got him in trouble. UVA is pretty strict about that. But I wonder if he could have gotten away with it by claiming he was lovesick?

  9. J: That’s just the superficial conversation at the beginning of the film. The rest of the picture’s pretty different — not a political movie at all.

  10. I actually feel a bit envious of Daryl. For him a romantic movie fantasy came true. I wish it could happen for me.

    Personally, my favorite “romantic” movie is Die Hard. I mean, think about — a couple breaks up, but the husband redeems himself by rescuing his woman and learns something about himself in the proce

    be right back — sounds like gunfire in the lobby

  11. Come to think about it, an even more romantic movie as far as I’m concerned in Rob Roy.

    be right back — sounds like the blonde in the office that I have a crush on is being ravished from behind by a decadent English nobleman in the lobby

  12. Thanks Jesse. I suppose my MM comment is then only applicable to that first part (I had the wrong assumption about the rest of the movie ūüôā

  13. Wow. I thought Before Sunset was a brilliant film.

    By the way, J. You missed a lot of good digs by Delpy at the dull depressive French. But I’m sure you had something better to do, like fume over the underlying communist message in The Dreamers.

  14. “But I’m sure you had something better to do” hey Miss Cleo, however did you know this?? As it is, I wasn’t expecting to see digs at either Americans, French, or whomever, so oh well, I’ll wait for some other brilliant film. As for the Dreamers, I haven’t watched it, so your reference escapes me, but that night I did notice that Heineken’s logo has communist symbols on it…. does that count?

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