Peeking Under the Robes


Judicial Watch has obtained and posted the 2003 financial disclosure statements of every sitting federal judge. Supe Scalia, for example, pulled down a cool $23,000 for four lectures last year; Clarence Thomas got a $500,000 book advance, and Richard Posner is indeed a busy man. Search away, and report the good stuff in the comments!

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  1. They’re all borderline criminals, with some crossing the border! Illegally! I didn’t even have to look. It saves time not to.

  2. As someone who recruits and pays speakers, those teaching and speaking fees seem very reasonable.

  3. Damn , I hope I never have to fill out one of those reports. I don`t even remember what I did last Wednesday.

  4. “…and Richard Posner is indeed a busy man.”

    Words to live by.

  5. $500,000 book advance? I think Hillary Clinton should demand a Senate Committee look into this.

  6. What kind of publishing house would believe they could make a buck by paying Clarence Thomas $500,000 for a book? Hillary, people wanted to read about.

    Is this a Regnery Publishing deal? I suppose they’ll ship 100,000 copies directly to Scaife’s basement, and brag about their new bestseller.

  7. joe

    Actually it was Harper Collins. I guess Rupert decided he needed to buy an interest in Clarence too. He paid a lot more for the stake in Hillary. But I suppose fiction sells better.

  8. I appriciate that Judge Posner appears to have filled his out himself, bad handwriting and all. He even included a nice cover memo, very classy.

    Judge Kennedy looks to be quite destitute from the looks of things – it appears he has little income, little retirement savings, and few investments – does anyone know how much a Sup Court justice makes?

  9. Considering the media approach to Clinton books the expectation is some vague spectre of remembrance relating to those hearings will inflame the populace’s seedy but resolutely puritanical unconscious. I hope it crashes and burns, and it might, since Thomas has long receded from the big public’s viewfinder into the actual justice haze.

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