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Andy Kaufman lives.

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  1. If only it were really true. 🙁

  2. I liked his Ladka character, but that was it. As far as I’m concerned, Andy Kaufman was far more asshole than genius. But from what I can see, asshole is what passes for funny these days.

    Is Andy dead?
    I won’t say, “I hope so”, but if he isn’t, I hope I never see him again.

  3. “Neighbors and acquaintances talked of Rocco’s habit of showing up at the Santa Ana swap meet to sell records stamped property of a local public library…”

    I bet some of that stuff is mine.

  4. The Milos Forman treatment was hilariously sanctimonious….Kaufman as the comic savant/genius.

    Genius: The #1 most abused word in our lexicon. Beethoven was a genius. Einstein was a genius. Michelangelo was a genius.

    Andy Kaufman? Are amusing originality and college level pranks genius?

    More recently, Ray Charles: Great, talented entertainer, but a genius?

  5. Snake-on the last one: Yes.

  6. Un-huh!

  7. As the only police I actively support are the Language Police, I agree with cm snake. By the lax standard, Allen Iverson gets to be a genius, too.

    I thought it funny that, “someone throws out the death certificate or some other ?fact? and the discussion ends.” The Kaufmann believers are clearly not ready for tinfoil hats. If only I could still be fooled by Official Documents…

  8. What most people miss about Kaufman is that he reversed the roles of the audience and the performer. You didn’t go to a Kaufman show to see what he did; you went to see how the audience would react to what he did. His television gimmicks were al designed to get the home audience involved, to get them to react instead of passively watching. In many ways he was the first punk rock comedian. Genius may be over used. But I think it applies in his case.

  9. The only true geniuses in western culture were Yahoo Serious and Rick Dees…

  10. Disco Duck was the song thet defined a generation.

  11. Jeff,
    In the words of Lisa Simpson: “I know
    all those words, but that sentence makes no sense”

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