Gillespie On the Radio…Right Now


Yakking about current events on Alan Nathan's nationally syndicated Batte Line program, available via webcast here.

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  1. Stupid watch commercial. 🙂

  2. Apparently Nathan won’t let someone he disagrees with talk.

  3. Who all is talking?

  4. Is that Gillespie asking who?

  5. jeff,

    The guy is like an O’Reilly clone.

  6. I didn’t hear this one, but I’ve noticed that it seems most broadcast personalities don’t let Reason representatives talk. Nick G. had good luck with Dennis Miller, Jacob Sullum got a fair shake on NPR’s Justice Talking with Margo Adler (about smoking bans), and I think it was Jesse Walker on the Mark Steiner show (in Baltimore) who got at least some of a chance. But other national programs? Usually seems like the Reason folks get shouted down by both sides.

  7. Highway,

    He’s still on. He keeps on screaming at Gillespie.

  8. I finally got on. All I’m getting is commercials.

    “Free markets” has drawbacks.

  9. After 5 minutes’ listening to the discussion on the Ukraine, I’ve concluded the commercials weren’t that bad after all.

  10. What a cluster f*ck! How can you possibly interview three people at one time on the radio? Reminds me of the radio debate during the Iowa Caucuses when Kucinich tried to show a pie chart to the viewing audience.

  11. I stopped listening to the Psychedelic Furs for that? 🙂

  12. WASPB,

    Especially since 1/2 the show was commercials.

  13. Blech 😛
    I totally forgive you for appearing on various cable programs hosted by neo-fascist. I’m sure that it’s good publicity for you and Reason. From what I’ve seen, you are not the best advocate of individual freedom, buy I haven’t heard you say anything truly offensive either.

    BUT, doing talk radio in-between snake oil weight loss adds, can’t possibly be beneficial to your image/career.

  14. I didn’t get to here the first hour, what was Nathan screaming at Nick about?

  15. Akira MacKenzie,

    Gillespie tried to interject a different viewpoint about the UNSC’s role regarding GWII, and this Nathan character went apeshit. Gillespie showed a lot of class by not simply hanging up on the cretin.

  16. “BUT, doing talk radio in-between snake oil weight loss adds, can’t possibly be beneficial to your image/career.”

    I don’t know if that can be helped. Most talk radio stations air ads for bogus diets, penis-enlargement
    quackry, and investment swindles. It seems that the money of con-men is just as good as that of legit businesses.

  17. here=hear

    Sheesh, I have to remember not to comment before I’ve had my morning cup of java.

  18. I can understand going on the No Spin Zone (cough) – that’s a big audience for cable news. But why bother with C-list talk radio goons like this?

    Don’t forget steel buildings and Ester-C! And gold, preferably from alleged 19th century shipwreck. The investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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